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Four Key Points Of Customer Review Management

The customer experience is becoming more and more important for brands that aim to attract the attention of the audience.

To overcome the crowd in the market, it is necessary to be an advantageous brand in competition. A better customer satisfaction allows 86% of customers to be willing to pay much more in order to have the same satisfaction.

Successful marketers know that customer satisfaction is the best resource for identifying subtleties in customer satisfaction and improving customers ‘ return rates. However, seven out of ten marketers do not have a clear plan for customer satisfaction to contribute to their own strategy.

Customer satisfaction is very important. Customer comments about the brand should be collected, analysed and as a result useful strategies should be implemented. Therefore, “Customer Review management tools” are very important.

Advantages Of SEO
SEO is a study carried out on the internet today to appear in the search engine in order to increase competition in the marketing field. SEO is required to increase the number of visitors, to get top ranking with keywords, to increase brand awareness and to increase ad performance.

For example, while Google’s ranking has many factors, customer reviews can help move you to the top. Quality, positive customer reviews will enhance the brand’s visibility.

Smart Fraud Detection
A fake customer comment on the brand creates a negative impact on customers. This causes trust issues between the customer and the brand. According to BrightLocal’s “Consumer Review“ survey, 86% of customers have stated that such fake comments are difficult to spot. They also have no idea what can be done about it. Fake comments damage the brand’s reputation and negatively affect its ranking on the search engine.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use the TrustPilot implementation. This application removes fake comments and spam from the system. He compares” each comment on his list of many details, such as IP addresses, when purchases were made, whether they were fake accounts.” In addition, people who think that a comment or account that is not deleted from the system is fake can notify the system about the issue.

Customer Analysis
Customer review integration on Trustpilot’s homepage is very useful for marketers. On the analysis page in the main control panel, you can see data sets of customers ‘ general feelings and thoughts. Highlighting feelings and thoughts with the tagging feature is quite useful for tracking changes. These labels may be various keywords that are important to your brand. These tags link to an analytical report as they are tracked.

According to a study by MITSloan Management Review, this analytical review has been proven to improve customer satisfaction.

Job Generated Links
Not every customer is willing to take the time to comment. Therefore,” business links ” are links that provide convenience to marketers. These links are invitation links created specifically for companies that prefer to send review invitations themselves for privacy purposes.

When the customer clicks on this invitation link, they are directed to the review form in the TrusPilot application. When the customer comments here, their personal data is stored on the TrustPilot server.



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