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Auditing Mechanism For The Service Sector

In the world, people lived their lives in a shared space. Then, until today, this process moved to another point. Now the number of people has grown considerably. At the point of this situation, the cooperation between people began to be limited to their immediate surroundings. To do something for someone else is for a certain fee. This situation has become an industry over time. The name of this sector is called the service sector.

The service sector takes the form of providing a certain service to people for a certain fee. The service sector, which is considered one of the largest sectors today, tries to improve Quality Standards Day by day. For this purpose, mechanisms have been established to control whether a good service is provided within the sector. These control mechanisms can be grouped under two main headings. These are called audits by independent organizations and internal audits.

Audits Conducted By Independent Organizations

A company in the service sector requires every employee to work and serve at the highest level. However, given the human factor, it is an accepted fact that not every human being can be at the same level. A certain level of competence is required from the employees in this regard. In addition to this level of competence, the rules and instructions to be followed have been determined. It is obvious that a quality service will be provided by keeping all these values at a certain level.
These values are measured in order to determine the performance of people working in a certain time period. This measurement is carried out by independent institutions objectively with certain methods. This situation provides an outside eye assessment. In this way, the company has the opportunity to evaluate the current situation objectively. This impartial assessment reduces the negative thinking towards the company.

Internal Audits

Another Supervisory Mechanism is internal or corporate audits. The purpose of these audits is to determine the performance of both the company and individuals. This mechanism is operated by persons within the company or institution who are supervising it. This is usually carried out in a supervisor-Officer relationship. The most important factor in this mechanism is that people can make an impartial assessment during the evaluation. Another important issue is that the qualification levels of the persons found in the audit must be higher. As long as these are provided, the control mechanism can handle them efficiently.



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