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Investing In The Forex Market

There is no physical location or center of the Forex market, which is without context from well-known exchanges such as London and New York. Investing in the Forex market has independent price movements with interbank transactions in relation to the participation of investors and audiences. All investors can be involved in this market from any area with an internet network and can make investment transactions in any area they wish. The Forex market is not just about currency trading. Apart from foreign exchange, various spot transactions can be made in gold, silver, oil, Silver, other precious metals, indices in world stock markets and many commodities on the basis of ounces.

The trading volume of the Forex market contributes to being the largest financial market in the world. While the daily trading volume in the New York Stock Exchange is around $ 20 billion, the daily trading volume in the Forex market is $ 5.5 trillion, and this trading volume is increasing rapidly with each passing day. Forex trading is different and there are a number of features that distinguish it from other markets. In particular, it is possible to use the liquidity facilities provided by the intermediary institutions by using the leverage system and to use transaction sizes up to 100 times the available guarantees. However, it should be noted that the possibility of high leverage is effective in the direction of profit, as well as the possibility of loss at the same rate.

Profit and loss points can be defined freely for each position being opened in the market and the market acquisition interval can be determined. Thus, limit definitions of positions can be given clearly. Even when open transactions suffer losses, the capital suffers as much damage as the amount of collateral that was previously given to the system. In this way, Loss positions do not lend money in the account as a barrier to negative (-) balance.

It is possible to trade at a certain time of day in other investment markets. The Forex market can be traded day and night without closing for 24 hours five days a week. Markets where trading volume and traders are low can be easily manipulated. However, the number of forex traders in the world, especially in Asia, Europe, Japan and the United States, and the daily trading volume of $ 5.5 trillion make manipulation of the forex market impossible. In addition, the forex market can be seen as the most liquid market compared to other financial markets.



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