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How to make a leveraged investment in Forex

In Forex, investments are made through online trading platforms. Among the most widely used trading platforms, MetaTrader ranks first. Be quite simple to use this online trading platform allows investors to access all the opportunities provided by brokerage firms. In addition, it is also possible to communicate with the intermediary institution and the investment account through platforms. The fact that the trading characteristics of the Forex market are different and advantageous compared to other markets attracts the attention of investors and opens the door to profit making in short periods.

Two – way and leveraged trading features, as well as the fact that risks can be stopped, are another point of interest to investors. Through the training and demo accounts it offers, investors have the chance to have a good experience even before entering the market. The leveraged investment transaction, which is included in the transaction characteristics, also provides a great advantage. So if the question of how to make a leveraged investment in Forex is answered;

Leveraged trading is an attractive feature that attracts the most attention in the forex market. It attracts the interest of many investors because it offers the opportunity to trade up to 100 times the amount to be invested. In addition, it is possible to increase profit 100 times with this investment process. This ratio can be classified as 1 to 100 in Turkey. Abroad, up to 1'e 500 – 600 ratio can be. The most important trick to be considered in these leverage ratios is to increase the risk ratio along with the rigging of the profit ratio. For this reason, it is necessary to be extremely careful during leveraged trading and it should be done carefully. People who have the ambition to make excessive profits should avoid harm by playing big.

It is necessary to give a short example of leveraged trading; it is desirable to buy Euro / USD with $ 100. When the value of the Euro / USD pair is taken as $ 1, the Euro / USD pair is taken as $ 100. If the value is increased to $1.5, the money becomes $ 150 and the profit is $ 50. In this transaction the money will be assumed to be $ 10,000 instead of $ 100 when a 100-to-1 leverage transaction is used. Euro / USD parity of $ 10,000 would be received. When it increased to $ 1.5, it would have been $ 5000 profit instead of $ 50.



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