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  How Are Digital Currency Exchanges Traded?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 03:05 PM - Forum: Exchange - No Replies

Everything in our lives is rapidly transitioning to electronic media. One of them is money ... now money is going digital. The concept of what we call digital money comes into our lives. Actually, it's not a pretty weird situation. For this reason, we are essentially moving away from using money quickly. Credit cards, web banking, mobile banking, magnetic reading cards, mobile wallets, banknote has come to an end with our dependence on money.

There are also digital currency exchanges where digital currencies can be bought and sold in a similar way to the regular stock market. In our article today, we will focus on these issues and try to share data about whether you are trading well in digital currency exchanges.

In the same way that every methane has a value, digital coins also have a value. At this stage of asset determination, a fairly criterion is effective. Bitcoin is the first name that comes to our mind when we say digital money. Looking at the current value of Bitcoin, it is about $ 700. Looking at 1 month ago, the price of Bitcoin is $ 630. Compared to the fact that there is a price increase in this way; there will certainly be those who make a profit by buying and selling Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the main currency in digital money. Is the dollar good if it passes in the entire world market; Bitcoin is also the case in digital coins and is valid all over the world.

If you want to buy alternative digital coins, you will need to buy Bitcoin first. After receiving Bitcoin, you can buy other digital coins you want immediately after with the bitcoin you have.

Digital currency exchanges in our country are unfortunately quite scarce. Because of this, those who want to trade digital currencies in a general sense are in demand for digital currency exchanges that are active abroad. It is only certain that as time passes, this issue will become widespread in our country. There is no other alternative. However, the world will eventually switch to digital money in the same way. Some will pass, even if it is early and others late.

Digital currency exchanges are also similar to Forex platforms or banks ' stock trading platforms. A purchase order or a sale order can be issued for a certain price, and a limited transaction can also be made. In many digital currency exchanges, it is allowed to trade on mobile applications or mobile sites via smartphones in a similar way that it can be traded on a computer.

When digital currency exchanges are evaluated in terms of profit margins, we can also say that this is an arena full of opportunities, since some currencies have fluctuated significantly. A currency can jump from $ 1 to $ 10 overnight. This will mean that your 1,000 GBP will be 10 thousand TL, which is a very serious opportunity for those who know the market well to know. We just have to be careful when trading on these exchanges and keep our money as bitcoin as possible. For this reason, the opposite of the event we are talking about can also happen, a digital currency of $ 10 can fall to $ 1 overnight. This means that your 10 thousand GBP is 1 000 GBP per night. Even if the stock market is digital, you need to act brilliantly…

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  How Is Paper Analysis Done In The Stock Market?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 03:03 PM - Forum: Exchange - No Replies

Most of the investments to be traded on the stock exchange consist of precious papers. Based on this fact, we will try to tell you whether paper analysis is done well in the stock market. For example, let's assume that a firm will invest by buying shares. He must investigate the company before making a purchase. Because of this, investment in shares means investing directly in the company. By analyzing the company in past periods, it is estimated that it will be in a good course for its future. According to this, it is decided whether or not to invest. Roughly, we can say that this is how paper analysis is performed in the stock market.

Paper Analysis In The Stock Market

A good investor should do strict research on the company concerned from the moment they become interested in the shares. It must obtain and collate all past and current details about the company. When owning data about the company, the most up-to-date information about the sector in which the company was found should also be obtained. The current state of the sector will directly concern the company's values. This, in turn, will affect the shares that the investor has bought. The firm's progress in a positive state starting from the past and the fact that the sector is alive are sufficient reasons to invest in that firm's papers. In the same way, interest in the company and its shares are important considerations that indicate whether it can be invested in its papers.

For those who wonder if paper analysis is done well in the stock market, we can talk about 2 types of analysis in a scientific sense. These are basic analysis and technical analysis. Basic analysis is an analysis based on impressions as a result of studying the firm and the market. In technical analysis, more mathematical data is mentioned.

Fundamental analysis: Iktisat analysis consists of 3 sub-analyses: sector analysis and company analysis. In fundamental analysis, it is important to know the market and its conditions. Based on this information, cases are interpreted and as a result, positive or negative sides are tried to be revealed. In this way, profit or loss situations are tried to be revealed.
Technical analysis: technical analysis consists of 2 sub-analyses with tools and forms. In this method, which estimates the future based on events that have occurred in the past, the price/duration chart is frequently used. With the use of technical analysis tools, future developments are tried to be predicted.

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  How to make money with the stock market?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 03:01 PM - Forum: Exchange - No Replies

In the money markets, we are witnessing an increase in those who want to buy shares from this pie by taking part in the stock market, where huge amounts of money rotate. Although for many, making money in the stock market is considered luck, it is actually possible to make money by acting in the right way. Let's try to answer the question of how to make money with the stock market, which is a constantly moving market, with tips that we have access to as a result of our research and experience.

* In order to make money in the stock market, you must first know all the concepts in the market to the smallest detail and be able to analyze such things and interpret them by making numerical calculations.

Because the stock market is a moving environment, if negotiable documents start to come down quickly, they can start to come out quickly after a while. The opposite is also true. Earnings can be achieved by tracking such shares.

* If there is a decline in the shares in your hand, dispose of them so as not to cause much damage. If there is an increase, hold it in your hand for a while and wait for its value to increase.

* Make principal money for another asset that you are more willing to take out of your hands a valuable document or stock that you receive but are not satisfied with.
After conducting research on the sensations you receive, act with your own analysis in mind.

* Since Friday is the closing day of the stock market, be careful not to trade on the values you have.

* There is a general belief that funds earn too little. But liquid funds are more reliable than individual stocks.

* Finally, when trading with stocks, you should consider price/earnings ration as well as inflation values.

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  World stock markets and international stock market indices
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 02:55 PM - Forum: Exchange - No Replies

The stock market is an old enough concept to be called almost the same age as humanity. Some people prefer to work in a paid place to earn a living, while most of them prefer to engage in trade. Where there is a trade, there will be a trading business, and where there is a trading business, the stock market will be formed. Naturally, when we look at today's stock markets, we see that the expression of the stock market is much more developed and extends to different branches. BIST ( Borsa Istanbul) in our homeland, we can also show many stock market indices around the world as an example of them.

In this article, we will share with you about world stock markets and international stock market indices.

World stock markets and international stock market indices

Stock markets and indices in the United States

DOW 30, Nasdaq 100, Nasdaq, S&P 500, S&P 500 VIX, DJ Composite, DJ Transportation, DJ Utility, NYSE Composite, NYSE Market Composite, QTCM ADR, QTCM QX ADR 30, Russell 2000, Russel 2000 NR, S&P 100, S&P Industrials Composite.

Stock markets and indices in Germany

DAX, Euro Stoxx 50, Classic All Share, DAX Midcap Market, DAX Technology All Share, HDAX, MDAX, Prime All Share, SDAX, TecDAX.

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Stock markets and indices in Australia

S&P/ASX 200, ASX All Ordinaries, ASX Small Ordinaries, S&P/ASX 100, S&P/ASX 20, S&P/ASX 300, S&P/ASX 50, S&P/ASX All Australion 200, S&P/ASX All Australion 50, S & P / ASX Midcap 50.


FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE 350, FTSE AIM All Share, FTSE All Share, FTSE SmallCap, FTSE techMARK 100, UK 100.

People & Apos; S Republic Of China

Shanghai is China A50, S&P/CITIC 300 and S&P/CITIC 50.


CAC 40 is CAC all – Tradable, CAC Allshares, CAC Large 60, CAC Mid&Small, CAC Mid 60, CAC Next 20, CAC Small, SBF 120.

Cenup Korea

It is KOSPI, KOSPI 50, FTSE Korea, KOSDAQ, KQ 100, KOSPI 100, KOSPI 200, KOSPI Large Sized, KOSPI Medium Sized, KOSPI Small Sized, KRX 100.


AEX is AEX All Share, AEX Volatility, AMS Small Cap, AMX, Euronext 100, next 150 Index.


IBEX 35 is FTSE Latibex, General Madrid, IBEX Medium Cap, IBEX Small Cap.

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FTSE MIB, FTSE Italia All Share, FTSE Italia Mid Cap, FTSE Italia Small Cap, FTSE MIB TR EUR, Italy 40.


Nikkei 225, JASDAD, JASDAD 20, JPX-Nikkei 400, Nikkei 1000, Nikkei 300, Nikkei 500, Nikkei JQ Average, Nikkei Volatility, Topix, Topix 100, Topix 1000, Topix 500, TOPIX Composite.


S&P/TSX, S&P/TSX 60, S&P/TSX Completion, S&P/TSX Equity, S&P/TSX Small Cap, S & P / TSX Venture.


Doha securities market, FTSE NASDAQ Qatar 10, QE All Shares.


Kuwait Stock Exchange, KSX 15, is Kuwait Parallel Market.


MICEX is RTSI, MICEX 10, RTS 2, RTS Standard, Russian VIX.

Saudi Arabia

Tadawul Stock Exchange

Our list of world stock exchanges and international stock market indices ends here.

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  What is a futures option Exchange (VOB)?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 02:54 PM - Forum: Exchange - No Replies

The futures option Exchange is the first private exchange organization established on July 4, 2005, as a result of the Council of Ministers No. 2001/3025, which was built on the date 3/9/2001 of the Ministry of State and Article No. 2381. It is used to manage futures and options transactions. In our country, futures are carried out by VOB. VOB, which is active within the CMB, has developed in a short time since its establishment and has managed to reach quite a number of member organizations.

The main goal of vob is to meet the risk management requirements that will occur in enterprises in the most appropriate way. Moreover, with the help of VOB products, many failures in economic systems can be fixed. At the time of trading using derivative instruments, the final stage can offer effective solutions to protect investors from risks in situations of uncertainty that lead to negativity. There are 8 main markets that make up the Futures Options Exchange, and we can list these Sunday as follows:

Currency futures
Electric futures
Commodity Futures Trading
Index option
Index futures
Precious metals futures
Share option
Share futures

Apart from the main markets mentioned above, the Special Command market and the Special Command announcement market are also the basic composition of vob. The main markets are divided into 8 main classes according to the types of contracts traded. The private command market and the private command announcement market are markets where larger amounts are traded.

An investor who wants to trade in vob can fulfill this request through brokerage organizations. Just as in Ise, in vob, it is not possible for individual investors to trade without an intermediary institution.

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  How Are Companies To Be Listed?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 02:52 PM - Forum: Exchange - No Replies

What Does Company Rating Mean?

In this article, we will look for the answer to the question of whether the companies that will be opened to the stock market are rated well. First, it would be useful to summarize what the company's rating is. Company rating generally measures the energy and willingness of the firm to repay its debt along with principal and interest. Another expression is to measure the risk of the firm's inability to repay its debt in accordance with its borrowing rates. In the same way, credit rating should not be perceived as investment advice in any way similar to buy or sell. In addition, it is a very effective data set in facilitating the decision-making stage for investment. The effect of Company Rating is mainly seen in the following interests: firms, investors and banks that receive or make a credit rating, as well as credit institutions.

As long as a firm's credit rating is on the rise, the firm's risk perception decreases. A decrease in the risk perception of a firm gains the opportunity to provide loans at a lower cost than the banking sector. In addition, borrowing instruments can be issued at low interest rates in the main money markets. Let's look for answers to the question of whether companies that will be opened to the stock market are rated well.

In the evaluation process, there is often a kind of preliminary interview in which the company with the demand for a credit rating and the rating agency have information about the basic principles and process. In fact, this is a situation that starts the process. After this transaction, a credit rating agreement is signed. The step mentioned here is followed by information meetings for senior managers and other managers related to this issue, which include performance and financial status related to the company's activities and risk management. Credit rating is given to the company as a result of the decision of the rating committee by providing and providing them with the data and documents requested by the rating experts and the work to be done by the experts. If the main money market instruments of the company receiving the stage are traded on the stock exchange at the end of their transactions, the company receiving the stage is expected to fulfill its obligations to inform the public. It may be useful to note that the corporate governance practices of the company to be graded in the company rating process are of remarkable importance.

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  How Do Gold Prices Vary By What?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 02:48 PM - Forum: Gold - No Replies

Gold gains value as an investment tool for many people. Gold, a precious metal, is bought especially when it is sold at a low price, and when it rises, it can be cashed out and made a profit. On the other hand, banks that operate with similar logic have Gold accounts. In this, the goal is to make a profit according to the market situation. At this stage, questions are raised about how long the gold market has changed.

Supply and demand imbalances

The most obvious reason for changes in the gold market are supply and demand imbalances. While there is distrust throughout the market, gold investment is seen as the safest means, and many people turn to it. In some periods, on the contrary, the amount of investment is less in demand than in other periods. This, in turn, is decisive in the acquisition and loss of value of the gold market.

Global inflation and Gold

The overall increase in product and service prices can be defined as inflation. In short, the higher inflation in one place, the less purchasing power it means. Demand for gold increases in these similarly high inflation situations that have occurred in a country or at a global level. Because of this, investors want to secure and protect their money. Because of this, gold prices will start to hover above normal. And when global inflation falls, the gold price will be down.

Geopolitical risks and gold at global level

Gold is known as one of the most reliable investment tools and is the most widely used money protection method in risk environments. An investment vehicle with this convertibility at a huge height becomes even more important in periods when currencies cannot be trusted. During these periods of risk, the resort to gold increases its price. Gold has the potential to transform all over the world.

What Caused The Gold To Fall?

Given the relationship between gold and dollar, it is possible to say that there is an inverse proportion in the two. In short, the higher the dollar, the lower the value of gold. If the demand for gold decreases and the supply situation remains the same, the value of gold falls. If people turn to different investment instruments, it is normal to have a falling situation, as the demand for gold will decrease.

Reasons For Rising Gold

Conditions that occur in parallel with global developments are the reason for the increase in the value of gold. In short, gold, which is a reliable investment tool, gains more value, especially in times of crisis, because the demand for gold increases. Organic disaster situations, economic crises, tensions within countries, crises in the credit market are the cause of these.

Win with Old-Fashioned Gold Investments

If you want to invest in gold and do so in banks etc. if you want to perform without it, the best way to do this would be to invest in gold the old-fashioned way. If you have an accumulation for this, you can make this accumulation by buying a quarter or half of gold at the time when gold has fallen, waiting on the edge, and then selling it at the time when the value of gold has risen. In this way, you get serious profit in accumulations created in excess, if not in small amounts.

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  Gold or Gold Fund is more profitable?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 02:47 PM - Forum: Gold - No Replies

Currently, on top of the importance of attitude and accumulation, many people have started to save money in various ways. Gold, which has been seen as one of the most profitable investment instruments for many years, is still one of the most preferred forms of accumulation, maintaining its popularity. Especially in pessimistic markets, it is one of the most preferred forms of investment in our state because it has made serious gains. Banks that evaluated this demand quite well began to provide services for their customers to accumulate with various gold accounts and gold funds. In recent years, they have started to prefer a gold fund or gold accounts in bank accounts instead of accumulating physiological gold. The most important reason for this is that there is a physiological risk of gold being lost or stolen.

If I have to have physiological gold, then the safe deposit boxes in the banks come into play. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the annual costs of safe deposit boxes and the difference of about 5% when cashing from jewelers. And in gold accounts created in banks, you can get as much gold as your money. It means that even with 1 GBP, gold can be bought at the equivalent rate. Moreover, there are no account operating expenses or commissions. During trading, there is a difference of only 1%. In the Gold Fund, we have two different alternatives. In the principal protected gold fund, the principal is protected, so that our money is not put at risk. If there is a return on gold, profits are made according to the participation rate of the fund. Although it varies from bank to bank, the average maturity period can change within 6-12 months. In case of early departure, the early exit amount is cut at 1 -3% rates. Gold mutual funds do not have a maturity period. In the same way, because there is no principal protection, it is more risky than principal protected funds. In addition, the fund has an investment amount. To sum up, we tried to answer the question of whether gold or the Gold Fund is more profitable. We hope it was helpful.

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  How To Buy Gold From The Internet?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 02:46 PM - Forum: Gold - No Replies

Effect Of Technological Developments On Trade

Since the past, tecim has supported the increase of relations between humanity. Because of this, the exchanges and the tecim caravans brought vitality and movement to the regions where they were located. This, in turn, indicated commercial development for this settlement. Currently, this situation continues, but now with the development of the web, the situation takes on a different dimension. It is the main issue of our golden summer, which has been a favorite of commercial life since the past. The exchange of gold continues to exist as an object that has continued since ancient times and has not lost its value in any period. In this article, we will talk about whether this important commercial object is well traded in today's conditions. So let's start answering our question whether gold is good on the internet.

Gold Transactions On The Internet

Gold, the commercial object of all recent times, is still an influential unit in many areas today. Currently, gold can be exchanged from the web environment. In the virtual world, where there is heavy shopping traffic on a daily basis, gold exchange is provided at Bank web branches and various e-commerce sites. These are different from each other. In this way, the gold you receive from the banks ' web branch is calculated and traded at the Gold rate, but you do not physically have Gold. But on the contrary, you can continue to buy gold and cash in gold when you need it, judging by the exchange rate on that day. Another method of buying gold on e-commerce sites, you buy real gold in the form of a quarter, half, and the gold you receive from the relevant company is delivered to you. The last method that we will talk about in our topic is whether gold is good from the internet is the gold that you receive to trade in the forex market. It is possible to provide high gains with low risks that you will enter with the gold investment transaction, which takes place in the types of commodities in the Forex market. Currently, investing in gold in the forex market is quite profitable.

Investment In Gold From The Internet

Gold investment on the Internet is safer than daily life. Because the gold you have received is not an object to be physically stored, theft in this sense is not possible. But even though cases of virtual theft make people nervous, with developing technologies, your investments can be better protected from Flat life. This, in turn, will ensure that your investment is made with confidence. In short, access to the virtual world is essential for the question of how to buy gold from the internet.

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  Buying Gold By Deed
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 02:44 PM - Forum: Gold - No Replies

Although we first try to eliminate the need for cash with credit cards or bank loans, when there are financially distressed processes from the period, we sometimes cannot use these two options. But you can get gold with promissory notes without using a credit card or bank credit through jewelers. Although it is a very risky method for people who cannot benefit from loans given by banks in exchange for certain conditions, some time the way to get rid of financial problems is to take risks. Because of financial problems, people who have trouble finding cash have many mental problems, and in order to find cash, they can buy gold from jewelers in exchange for promissory notes and pay off their debts by converting the gold they receive into cash.

It must be quite difficult to get gold or cash in exchange for promissory notes. First, attempts to get gold or money in exchange for promissory notes can result in a negative result. Goldsmiths who go to buy gold in exchange for bills of exchange know how to sell gold in exchange for bills of exchange to people who cannot get loans by banks. In particular, after the queries made over Findex are now made by commercial firms, jewelers who can give gold if you have a negative credit score as a result of the queries made by people who give cash or gold in exchange for the promissory note may not give you gold in exchange for the promissory note. Goldsmiths often do not sell a single gold, they sell cash or gold in exchange for foreign currency and promissory notes. But they do this process not together, but with only those they trust. A payment plan is often issued based on the gold exchange rate on the date of repayment of the gold or cash issued by antiques formed from the top of the gold exchange rate. Although this is a very risky aspect, it is only in this way that a person can resolve their financial problems.

Do you buy good gold with bonds from jewelers?

It is unlikely to buy quite large amounts of gold from jewelers in exchange for promissory notes. Jewelers often make a purchase of 50 thousand or 100 thousand pounds. But they also often do this process with people who know that they will not have problems with trust. In metropolitan cities, this situation is a little more flexible. The reason for this is that promissory notes are legally equivalent. After the deed in which the signature of the person who did not pay was submitted to the court, we recommend that you first think carefully before signing the notes, since the jeweler can return his money as a result of the court or execution.

Pay Attention To Conversations Over The Internet
Recently, transactions are made in the form of buying gold in exchange for cash or promissory notes with interest, and quite problematic results occur. After interviewing people who claim to be jewelers over the Internet, repeat the interview several times, regardless of what happens. Absolutely do not sign and send promissory notes over the internet. Because many people are victims of scams caused by the web.

In addition, if you make a purchase in this way with jewelers, it is useful not to receive large amounts of money. The fact that gold is constantly changing the exchange rate will cause you to suffer large losses in large amounts.

We also recommend that you read our article entitled 8 Bank suggestions that can apply for SMS credit from the phone, which was our previous article.

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