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  When Will My Credit Rating Be Updated?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 02:42 PM - Forum: Banks - No Replies

If we give a brief information on behalf of those who do not know their credit rating, Your Score, which is collected only by one institution and is formed as a result of analysis and statistics, is called a credit rating.

In Turkey, there are Findex, which only performs these analyses under the name of the credit registration office. Companies that provide credit transactions provide credit transactions accordingly, taking credit ratings forward as an evaluation situation.

However, individuals who appear to have a low credit rating want to make some transactions in order to upgrade. If you're wondering, you can browse your credit risk status through E-Government and access the necessary reports.

Is There A Renewal Period For Credit Notes?

Contrary to what everyone thinks, credit notes are not renewed every 3 or 5 years, and there is no such situation as resetting and calculating them from the beginning. As we have said in the above definition, it is formed by calculating all the transactions in your past. For this reason, if you have any financial irregularities, waiting for a certain time can only be a small benefit.

If you have a low credit rating and it needs to be upgraded for credit transactions, you should not disrupt payments by working actively and regularly, except by constantly using financial institutions. If these studies are continuous, your credit rating will change positively in a fairly short period of time.

When Is The Credit Rating Updated?

There is no specific deadline for updating credit ratings. But in general, these changes may occur some time after payment periods. So, in short, credit ratings are generally updated every month. Exactly how your payments and financial transactions will affect your credit ratings will differ depending on how long you have been working with financial institutions.

Updating the credit rating can cause some problems for those who want to close the loan and apply for a new loan. The main reason for this problem is that when you apply to close another loan through another bank, the decision to refuse may come due to the fact that the banks are not directly reflected in the transaction of the loan that has been closed, indicating a high credit rating in terms of debt status. For such cases, you can first obtain a document from the financial institution where you closed the loan, and leave your application with a positive result without waiting for the credit rating update by giving this document to the financial institution where you will apply for a loan.

When Is Findex Credit Rating Updated?

Findex credit ratings are generally updated daily. But updating some financial information can take up to a month. Credit rating updates on Findex are quickly processed through data from banks. But it is not possible to give any time for the bank to make decisions about the arrival time and intervals of this data.

You can get preliminary information on behalf of the loan application by querying the credit rating through Findex.

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  Ways To Upgrade Your Credit Rating
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 02:40 PM - Forum: Banks - No Replies

Credit rating upgrade paths, first you need to know your credit score is a three digit lender, Bank, credit card or credit of what you paid back in time when they gave up is likely to to help you decide to use is very important. The higher your scores, the more likely you are to qualify for loans and credit cards on the most favorable terms, which will save you money.

Credit Rating And Equivalent In Numbers

Basically, there are some methods to improve your credit rating. The credit Registration Bureau, the only institution that calculates credit ratings with data obtained from banks, shared ideas that will enlighten us. I will share this for you to us.

Riskiest: 1-799
Medium Risk: 800-1299
Less Risky: 1300-1499
Good: 1500-1699
Very Good: 1700-1900
As you have seen, it would be the right decision to try to keep your credit rating around 1500 points.

1. Make Your Payments Regularly

Although it may sound like a very, very simple event for you, the most basic way to raise your credit rating is through regular payments. Likewise

Regular payments have an effect of 5 on your credit score, according to the offices officially announced by the credit Registration Bureau.

Here we also need to click on the topic. Although most people have made the minimum payment, it is thought that their credit rating will also fall when their total debt is not paid. Just making the minimum payment does not lower your credit rating, but rather paying even the minimum, rather than paying any debt, has a positive impact on your credit rating.

2.Try To Reduce Debt On Loan Products

All loans linked to your need, home loan, credit card or deposit account are counted as credit products in each of the additional accounts. All debt to these products affects the credit rating in a positive or negative way.

Many people want to raise their credit rating much faster in a short period of time. The method that will have a little more impact on you in this direction will be to reduce your credit debts. In its official information, the credit Registration Bureau explained that existing debts have at least as much impact as stable payments.

3. Wait A Bit After A New Loan Event

You may have received a new need credit or credit card. This means that there is a new overdraft opening for you. In what sense does this affect your credit rating?

In New overdraft product openings, people's credit rating generally decreases as the risk ratio increases. In the meantime, there are two situations that you need to pay attention to. These:

If we give an example in the first instance, the credit product may have been opened for the first time for the individual, and since it is not known how it will perform in terms of payment, the credit rating will decrease, as well as the debt ratio will increase further.
In our second example, a person uses their own credit products, and since payment performance is also known, they will still borrow money, in any case their credit rating will decrease.

Whether you're using credit for the first time or your payment performance is regular. If you are taking out a loan, your credit rating will probably decrease, as your risk ratio will increase.

4. Don't Turn Off Unused Credit Cards
Ways to upgrade your credit rating: keeping unused credit cards open is a smart strategy as long as they don't cost you money for an annual fee, because closing an account can increase your credit utilization rate. Borrowing the same amount but having fewer open accounts can lower your credit scores.

5. Don't Apply For Too Many New Loans
For ways to upgrade your credit rating: getting a new credit card can increase your total credit limit , but the act of applying for a loan creates a challenging query on your credit report . Too many queries can negatively affect your credit score, but that effect fades over time. For two years, these application queries remain on your credit report.

6. Apply and open new credit accounts only when necessary
Don't open an account just to get a better credit score; it probably won't boost your credit score. Unnecessary credit can damage your credit score in too many ways, from asking too many questions on your credit report to encouraging you to overspend and accumulate debt.

7. What's Little Known About Credit Scores

Credit scoring involves complex calculations, and the more you know about credit reports and how credit scores work, the more you can take control of your own credit. In addition to knowing the most important factors to consider in credit scoring, knowing a few other facts about your credit reports and credit scores can help you.

Negative information on your credit report can lower your credit scores. This information will remain on your credit report for a certain period of time. For example, late payments appear for seven years from the date you first missed payment. By closing a collection account, it is not immediately removed from your credit report. Bankruptcies can remain on your report for seven to ten years, depending on the type of bankruptcy. Focus on what you can positively influence, including paying all your bills on time.

You don't need to carry a monthly credit card balance to build up your credit history. You can pay your credit card bills every month and have a positive impact on your credit situation.

With our article above, you can increase your credit rating and increase your credit intake rate so much

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  What Is Life Insurance On Credit?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 02:39 PM - Forum: Banks - No Replies

Currently, loans are the most widely used banking business. The procedures required to get a loan are quite easy for people with a high credit rating, a good income and a regular one. Credit withdrawal is one of the indispensable needs, especially for people who do not have sufficient savings in housing or vehicle purchases.

What Is Life Insurance For Credit?

For all loan applications that you have made to banks, you must have life insurance. This life insurance is paid as an amount over the amount you have withdrawn from the loan. Life insurance is also included in your fee as a filing fee. The reason why life insurance is carried out by banks is that there is a guarantee to return the loan if there is any trouble with the customer. But insurance is not only in favor of banks, it is also an advantage for the relatives of customers who attract loans.

Insurance To Withdraw Credit

Credit withdrawals include a fee that needs to be paid called File costs. This fee includes the amount that must be insured to withdraw the loan. Different insurances are also available in credit transactions. Insurance such as unemployment insurance, life insurance or DASK may also be available to customers. The bank is required to make these insurance. It is impossible to withdraw the loan if it is not requested to be made.

Life Insurance

Every bank has life insurance for its customers who want to withdraw a loan. But you should read the life insurance policy, which was made to guarantee the heirs of the person who withdrew the loan, in a good way and have detailed information. If you make a claim, the document signed during life insurance transactions contains detailed information about the insurance and describes in detail what cases the insurance is valid.

In order for people who are heirs in any case such as Death to not be victims, it will be necessary to thoroughly examine the policy issued before signing. When life insurance is made on a loan, many companies offer insurance that will not be valid if the person who draws the loan dies as a result of an accident.

Why To Take Out Life Insurance To Withdraw A Loan

For example, if you have a disease at risk of death, if you die, the loan debt may remain to the heirs. If the signed life insurance does not include a death as a result of illness, the insurance company will not pay the loan debt. For this reason, pay attention to the articles written in the contract when making credit debt .

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  What To Do To Avoid Being A Credit Victim
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 01:29 PM - Forum: Banks - No Replies

In order not to be a victim of credit, the steps taken in the name of “Internet Banking” and “E-security” in the banking sector, which renew itself day by day and even sit on solid foundations, make the work of customers more easier, while at the same time making these customers more dependent on banks. While the bank is the first place to go in every financial transaction you can think of, customers are never sent empty-handed thanks to the campaigns and opportunities made by the banks that come before us with a large range of products from individual retirement. Guarantees, signed papers, contracts are all forgotten. Unfortunately, as in the decision to increase the KKDF rate, only after the work has passed is a number of situations become aware.

How Can You Avoid Credit Victimization?

In the case of a credit victim, the Consumer Rights Act states: ”the loan clauses stipulated in the contract concluded between the parties may never be changed against the consumer during the time of the contract."the phrase in the credit contract coincides with the phrase “the consumer is considered to have chosen and accepted each change made in the contract articles”, and as a result of the increase in KKDF, the customer's hands and hands remain connected.

In these cases, where their banks do not have any interests (KKDF is a type of tax taken by our country on the amount of interest received.) the customer becomes the biggest victim of this contract.

So, isn't there a platform where we can solve our problems with these banks, where we entrust everything we can think of and take care of every business we can think of, that is, looking for the rights of customers in front of the bank?

England banks Association Arbitration Committee for customer complaints, articles established with the consumer and the bank as an institution trying to ensure the peace between the task we need personally took on.

How To Apply To The Arbitration Committee?

In the case of a credit victim, you must have applied to your relevant bank on this issue before submitting your application to the said Arbitration Committee. After the relevant bank approves your application, it must return to you within a full month. As for the response from the bank, an application must be made to the secretariat of the “Arbitration Committee” on that date or within a month. The secretariat has the right to cancel one application made without sending it to the “Arbitral Tribunal”. (Applications cancelled by the secretariat are written in the communique.)

If your application is accepted, the secretariat will send the necessary documents to the “Arbitral Tribunal”within fifteen days at most. The Arbitral Tribunal must announce its decision within thirty days.

Customer's Complaints Are Being Evaluated

The Arbitration Committee, which we just mentioned, acts as a group of people who are looking for points of reconciliation between the consumer and the bank, although its decisions are not binding. In the banking sector, which is growing day by day, consumers are evaluating their complaints and trying to find a solution without going to trial. In this case, losing both time and money is prevented. The credit market, which is constantly growing itself, continues its path where it left off, improving itself thanks to consumer returns.

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  Conditions For Loan Issuance
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 01:27 PM - Forum: Banks - No Replies

How to get out of a loan ; how to withdraw a loan, the terms of withdrawal of a loan, what is necessary when taking out a loan, let's tell them as much as we can. Almost every bank makes ads for the use of personal loans through mass communication devices such as the internet, television, radio and mobile phone. Although the marketing language in ads points to the simplicity of using credit, in practice it is not so easy.

Conditions For Loan Issuance

There are some criteria that banks want from their customers as a requirement for using loans. Avenged:

You must be over the age of 18,
Credit card and credit status with banks to be normal
If you are going to give a mortgage, the spouse's consent is given to the bank in writing
Need or claim an average of 60 months on car loans
Do not add your family income to the loan, other than a mortgage loan
Loan Application Process And Required Conditions
No one who does not have a regular and documented income is considered eligible for a loan by the bank. For this reason, applying to the bank with an income certificate will be the right option. The first loan use requirement that banks usually seek on their customers is usually revenue.

It's not enough just to have an income. In addition, the fact that its income is at a level that can pay loan installments is again an issue that will be examined in the process.

A person who is sure of these two items should also be sure that their credit rating is good. As is known, people are given a credit score by the credit Registration Bureau (KKB), which tracks people's payment relationships with banks. This score drops or exits depending on people's relationships with banks. Banks always take credit score into account when applying for a loan.

A person with a good credit score meets another credit use requirement criterion. A person who meets these 3 basic conditions is also usually approved by the bank.

But it should be noted that whether the loan is approved or not is entirely up to the bank to decide.

Applications for credit with an ID card and income certificate, it can be done directly to the branches of banks, as well as through mobile or internet branches or telephone banking.

From the point of view of a healthier relationship, it is healthier to make an application directly to the bank branch.

Credit Rating Upgrade

Those who find out that their KKB score is low during the loan application are limited to what they can do on a short-term basis. First, it should be investigated why the credit rating is low.

If it is low because there is no positive or negative relationship with banks, this is an issue that can be resolved in a few months. But if the debt relationship with the banks has created problems before it reaches execution, then it will take a long time for the credit rating to rise again.

In any case, if there is a credit product available, it must be paid regularly. In addition, if there is a credit product available, it is important that the monthly installment amount does not exceed half of the person's monthly income.

If all this data is paid attention, the credit rating will start to rise. In this way, the most important credit usage requirement is fulfilled.

What To Consider When Applying For A Loan
It should be known that banks do not usually cause serious problems at the stage of using the loan to their customers who meet the minimum requirements. For this reason, it is necessary to examine whether there are minimum conditions in order not to experience stress.

It then matters why the loan will be withdrawn. For example, alternative loans of banks should be investigated if they are to be withdrawn for need. Interest amounts, number of installment maturities, configuration, etc. such processes must be finalized.

The total amount to be withdrawn for the loan should be determined according to monthly income. This means that the loan installment is at most half of the monthly income. Another kind of borrowing causes problems with payments.

If these considerations are taken into consideration, the loan application process continues positively. It should be noted that credit usage and payment processes require serious attention with intense stress control. If the loan is not paid back or delayed, it may have legal sanctions.

Although all conditions are met, the loan may not be approved
Even if all the criteria specified as the loan usage requirement are met, the bank may not approve the use of the loan. Since this situation is completely on the initiative of the bank, it is necessary to be prepared for anything.

If a loan is not approved by a bank, it is necessary to contact the customer representative to find out the reason why the loan is not approved. If it is not a position related to the bank's criteria, that is, for a general reason, then an application can be made to an alternative bank.

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  Which Bank Provides The Longest-Term Home Loan?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 01:24 PM - Forum: Banks - No Replies

You may have visited many pages because of the topic title. But while there are low maturities in the purchase of a home loan, the longest-term home loan extends from 30 years to 360 maturities. Here, the long term means that you pay more interest with extended installments, while causing you to pay low installments. In this sense, the person who will buy with the pros and cons in the long and short term should make their own accounting. Because this accounting contains formulas that will affect it for many years, its future will also be in this calculation.

Long-Term Mi Short-Term Home Loan

In our daily life, most citizens want to meet their housing needs at the beginning of the issues. Citizens who do not have enough cash under Normal circumstances lead the way to the banks as the first business. But when resorting to such methods, it is also the choice of banks that recognize the longest maturity at the beginning of the issues that they pay most attention to. It either wins or loses preferences.

In this way, extending their payments over long terms will not put people applying for loans in a difficult position. Looking at, housing loans can go from 24 months maturity to 120-180-240-360 months maturity. We can also say that there are many bank options where you can take advantage of such options. In addition, there will be no more interest and there will be no sufficient debt burden.

Banks With The Longest Maturity

If you do not know the banks that will apply for a mortgage loan, but give the longest term, we can say that you are at the right address. Among the banks that provide 30-year mortgage loan maturity.

In addition, we can see that they provide low interest and maturity opportunities in both private and state-owned banks such as Deniz bank, Ing Bank, Ziraat Bank, Iş Bank. State banks are currently able to offer home loan allocations that offer the lowest interest rate. In this sense, we can call your alternative banks.

In this way, you will be able to meet your housing needs both by banks that spread it over the long term and you will not have any problems because you will pay it in the long term.

Meeting Needs With Long-Term Banks
In our country, many citizens are now curious about being able to meet their needs. At the beginning of these, we can say that there are both home loans, personal loans and necessary loans.

Thanks to corporate banking services that apply low interest rates and offer long-term payment options, you will have the opportunity to meet your needs without difficulty. Thanks to long-term opportunities, people who will apply for credit have the opportunity to pay their payments more smoothly without difficulty.

Is long-term or short-term more advantageous?

Currently, at the beginning of issues that suggest citizens in recent periods, questions are circulating about whether long-term or short-term credit advantages. Although short-term payments have seen a smaller amount in interest rates, we can say that long-term loans are a more advantageous way for people who want to buy a loan, car and need high cash.

In fact, although both options have advantages by users, the most important issue here is what the credit will be withdrawn for. But we would like to say that people who are going to apply for a loan should do as much research as possible before applying.

In this way, they will then meet their payments without remorse and will be happy to successfully fulfill their wishes in a short period of time.

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  Can I withdraw a mortgage loan if I have a loan debt?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 01:23 PM - Forum: Banks - No Replies

Although mortgage interest rates, which reached levels that cannot be taken with a sudden increase in the previous year, have reached the level that can be taken over time; it is clear from the statements that falling interest rates are not very effective in buying a home. Because 3 out of every 10 people apply for a mortgage loan for the purchase of a new home, while the other 7 people apply to configure their existing loan. While this is the case, some areas are trying to get housing. Today, more than a million people have been in execution due to loan debts this year. In this case, it is obvious that the majority of people who want to buy a house also owe loans to banks. Our article will be very useful, especially for questions about whether these people can withdraw a mortgage loan that they have a loan debt.

Credit Pull On Top Of Credit

A home loan is a type of loan issued if some criteria are met, as in other banking products. If you do not meet these criteria, the bank will avoid offering you this product and you will not receive it. In any case, everyone who applies does not have a pedestal that can get a loan. Because these issues are resolved by legal legislation and regulations. Given that the mortgage is placed on the house in question when buying a mortgage, it can be taken a little more. However, the conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan are as follows;

Having a credit rating at available levels
Existing income is in amounts that will provide loan installment and monthly living
The house to be taken is suitable for the loan

In this case, the person who owes the loan will also pay the mortgage loan installment with the remaining amount after paying the existing loan installment so that he can get a mortgage loan, and the amount will remain to him enough to sustain his life. If these conditions are formed, you will be able to get a new loan, even if you have an installment loan. If there are problems paying these installments, people may try to use a mortgage loan with an increased installment. It should be noted here that the balance between the amount withdrawn and the amounts payable monthly, rather than the number of loans withdrawn. You can also withdraw your second, third or even fourth loan if your current income meets the payments on the loan purchases. Financial institutions will not oppose this situation.

If the calculation is made over the income, some banks allow you to get amounts at a level that can pay an installment of half of the income. For example, a person who receives 2 thousand lira can pay a thousand lira loan installment, believing that the amount of loan he can pay with interest in a maximum term of 60 months is 1000 GBP. In this case, the amount you can get will be 60 thousand pounds together with the interest you will pay.

The Value Given To Housing Determines The Amount Of The Loan

It is a fact that after using a mortgage loan, people go on the path of using a consumer loan. The reason for this is that the 20% down payment requested for the purchase of housing cannot be met by the people and they want to go down the path of meeting it again by using the loans they need. People who want to use a loan for the entire housing to be taken out can use the entire loan with an expert report that determines the cost of housing, while in some cases they attract less than they expect. For this reason, the assessment report is important in determining the value of housing.

Is the need loan withdrawn after the mortgage loan?

After using a mortgage loan, you may need time to withdraw the loans you need. Different banks can see each loan you have used instantly and can also examine your debt. In this case, they do not look hot on consumer credit after a newly purchased home loan. But need loans are not only taken from banks. There are some polling stations and cooperatives where you can get this loan. For this, of course, you will face different conditions. As an example here, the material need can be met thanks to the primary school teachers ' chest (Ilksan), the Pol-San that the police can take, and the chambers of artisans and artisans that the artisans can attract.

Is it possible for pensioners to withdraw second loans?

If the loan criteria are moved, there is no distinction between an employee or retirement in order for one of the loan types to be obtained. Here, retirees have the possibility to withdraw multiple loans. If he pays off his existing debts on time as a pensioner, you will not have a problem if there is no disruption to payments. But here it should be noted that the lien cannot be applied to the salary of retirees. So banks can avoid giving second loans to pensioners. But if you do not experience a failure to pay long-term bank debts and do not live, you will not be prevented from receiving more than one loan.

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  What Is An Overdraft Account?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 01:16 PM - Forum: Banks - No Replies

Overdraft account (KMH) expenditure within defined limits banks checking accounts, cash advance installment you can withdraw and transfer money, as money between banks, plus an additional account, saving account, Flexible account and Advance account by definition is a type of loan. An overdraft account is called an account where you can withdraw cash within your limit amount, even if there is no money in your account. With KMH, you can make invoices or loan repayments and other payments that you provide automatic and regular payment instructions without tending to delay.

Should I use KMH?

Banks both promote new products that they have developed for the needs of their customers and make them available to their customers. Although many banks serving in our country have made products specially prepared for their mission available to their customers, some banking products are available to all banks. In recent years, the overdraft account (KMH), which has been used as a new product, especially for the benefit of customers who have a demand account, is among this product group. So, what is an overdraft account?

Additional account, plus money is called, the only interest rates that account holders need to know about these products, which provide their customers with great ease during their use. Account holders who want to use this banking product should first know the interest rates applied to their overdraft account. Because each bank has the opportunity to determine the interest on the overdraft account as it wants. This, in turn, is the knowledge that bank customers need to examine the interest rates on the overdraft account belonging to the bank they want to use in advance. In addition, how to open an overdraft account and what you need to know about the application process during the opening of the account, you also need to find an answer to your questions. The KMH account is also known as an additional account, plus definitions such as money.

Advantages Disadvantages

Advantage: you meet your cash needs at any time. It's not like your bills aren't paid.
Does it cost: you pay as much interest as the days you use it.
Gaye: to be able to meet all your cash needs in a short time
How To Open An Overdraft Account
1. In particular, it can be opened with a salary account, an account that every salaried employee can have.
2. You must go to your bank with your TC identity document, income document, sometimes additional document and fill out the application form.

Defining Account-Bound

A person who is considering opening an overdraft account can do so by contacting any bank branch belonging to his or her bank. During the application, you may need to sign a contract, as well as provide a photocopy of your identity card and a salary sheet showing your monthly income. For application, some banks can also perform these transactions via internet banking. In addition, many banks serving in our country automatically open an overdraft account to their salary customers. Accounts and features defined separately between banks are as follows;

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  Will interest rates on loans fall?
Posted by: admin - 11-06-2020, 01:14 PM - Forum: Banks - No Replies

People who are considering taking out loans for various requirements have recently entered into the expectation that loan interest rates will fall. The main reason for this expectation is that the Monetary Policy Board, which met after the change of the Central Bank governor in recent months, has withdrawn interest rates one step further at each meeting. In addition, the fact that politicians are responding to calls for interest rate cuts raises expectations higher. For this reason, people prefer to wait to withdraw credit. Will interest rates on loans fall? How Much Does it fall if it falls? What should the consumer do? The answer to these questions is among those who are constantly changing as a result of events that occur and develop.

Global economy, England and US relations and interest rates

The uncertainties and social crises experienced in Turkey and the United States in the past year have been the reasons that have increased the amount of interest in England. As a result of the measures taken by the government, interest rates gradually fell to lower levels. Interest rates have fallen, causing a spring in the sectors and interest rates to fall quickly. But it would not be quite right to show the political situation as the only factor affecting loan interest rates. Therefore, it can be interpreted that the credit will fall or rise, taking into account all its aspects.

Will Loan Interest Rates Fall?

Until the 2019 local elections, there were big upheavals on the agenda. This, in turn, led to an increase in the amount of interest on the loan every day. After the elections, this picture turned to the contrary and immediately began to show a positive effect. First, the stock market began to rise. However, there were declines in the dollar, gold and interest rates. All this mobility has led to our direction being turned to loan interest. As far as we know from Christmas loan deals in December, there has been a significant drop in interest rates. According to experts, this decline will continue after the first quarter of 2020.

Credit Interest Of Banks

Credit interest rates include a policy determined by each bank. But Loan Interest Amounts are asked to be close to each other. Because the race between banks makes it necessary. It is not preferable in terms of a loan person who is quite high by looking at the amount of interest on a loan. Loans that always have the least amount of interest are preferred first. In a competitive atmosphere, a decrease in the amount of interest on a bank's loan can lead to a decrease in other banks, following the balance sheet policy. For this reason, interest rate cuts are primarily made by state banks, and private banks are expected to follow them. Given some interest rate gaps, it also raises questions about what might be the reason for this. For example, the lowest interest rate for car loan purchases is 1.15 at Iş Bank, and the highest rate is 2.72 at Aktifbank. It is also not clear why the big difference is caused. As a matter of fact, banks are implementing the decisions they have taken within their own bodies.

Market Revives, Interest Rates Fall

One of the reasons that affect the decrease in loan interest amounts in Turkey is the revival of the market, the inflow of hot money to the country, and the increase of production. But events in foreign countries, domestic political events and other events show that the decrease in loan interest amounts in Turkey will continue for some time. According to data from people specializing in Economics, a decrease in loan interest rates will continue with the end of the winter season. But this fall will not be so sudden, but slowly and constantly. The markets and all the other conditions are not yet ripe for a significant fall at the moment.

Falling Interest Rates On Housing Purchases
As is known, mortgage interest rates, which have been at very high levels in recent months, have fallen below 1 level after serious falls. As a result of events, this loan, which moves above the 2% level, is currently issued by Ziraat, Vakıfbank and Halk Bank, especially state banks, at a rate of 0.99. In this case, people have increased their search for housing. Despite falling interest rates, increases in house prices at the same rate are among the factors that continue to shrink the property sector.

Effect Of Foreign Currency On Interest Rates
Foreign exchange is a matter that directly affects interest rates in Turkey. As a matter of fact, the increases in the main Dollar, Euro and gold prices, which make up the exchange rates, cause the Turkish lira to depreciate and therefore increase interest rates. In the global economy, gold prices are shaping up at the dollar rate. Gold, which increases the price of an ounce with this formation, also means that the TL loses value. That's why interest rates are rising.

Deposit Interest Of Banks
One of the issues that has caused loan interest rates to rise is the interest rates on deposits that banks give to their investors. With the high rates here, individuals and legal entities who avoid investment can evaluate their money at the high interest rates given by banks to eliminate uncertainty. This is also a matter of close interest on loans. As a matter of fact, as interest rates on deposits increase, the rates of interest on loans also increase. This causes the economic market to shrink while stopping investment. In order to avoid this, the call for interest rates to be lowered to the banks is constantly repeated.

Economic experts are constantly talking about scenarios of possible events ive figures that will occur in the future. In addition, as a result of events that develop, expectations change while these scenarios are renewed. While the definition of the economy is in the pocket of the consumer, the considerations formed in numerical figures are those that affect credit interest rates in statistics such as country growth, inflation figures and unemployment.

Effect Of Unemployment On Credit Interest Rates
Unemployment and inflation can both be evaluated within a framework. It is the central bank's job to balance these two factors because they are inversely related. In some cases, it may be necessary to narrow the expanding credit market while performing this task. This contraction is also made possible by the increase in interest rates. Falling inflation and interest rates will also cause the unemployment rate to fall. In other words, unemployment, inflation are closely related to credit interest rates.

Effect Of Inflation On Loan Interest Rates
The rise in inflation figures is one of the reasons that has a bad effect on the economy. Here, the steps taken to reduce rising inflation bring some considerations. As the unemployment rate increases within the country, inflation is among those observed to fall. Along with this, inflation will fall, and turning this decline into an opportunity can be possible by cutting interest rates by the Central Bank.

Effect Of Interest Rate Increase On England
Possible interest rate increases mean a strengthening of the GBP. After that, it is expected that interest rates in the economic market will fall, followed by a decline in loan interest rates, as well as a revival of the economy. Recent inflation figures have fallen to single digits, causing interest rates to fall. Along with this decline, loan interest rates are also falling. Investors who know this opportunity, and people who need it, turn to products provided by banks. As in all countries, there may be structural problems in our economy. While these problems are overcome as a result of the steps taken, the biggest problem for us is that we are most dependent on the outside in the intake of energy.

It is not known whether interest rates on loans will fall. It would be wrong to predict this, to give a date. But the stock market, which has closed at a two-month high, shows that the economy is heading in the right direction. The stock market will be high rather than hot money inflows into the country from outside. This is one of the issues that is driving the economy in a positive direction.

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  What is a debt transfer loan, which banks transfer debt loans?
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In today's conditions, although you do not want to work with banks and do not want to get under heavy debt, unfortunately, when you say heavy purchases, fixed earnings problems, health problems, unexpected expenses, unwittingly, debts to banks accumulate. Another unexpected expense comes before we close another debt. And from that point on, it becomes almost impossible not to work with banks. In fact, with the right budget adjustment, especially using a credit card is in many ways in the best interest of people.

Credit cards allow you to access large amounts of products or services in installments. In this way, you do not invest all your cash in a single product or service. It also creates opportunities for other expenses. However, credit card use is somewhat misunderstood in our country. Considering that credit cards are used even when buying water from the grocery store, we can say that borrowing is inevitable at this stage. The most important issue to pay attention to when using a credit card or when taking out loans from banks is that the purchase you will make should be a loaded purchase and is necessary.

If you want to go on a summer vacation, instead of taking out credit for it, you may want to consider saving up. Until next season, you can save money for a holiday as you wish. If you don't have enough money, you can get installment support with your credit card. Using a bank loan other than expenses such as a house, car, Wedding, health care will be challenging in terms of your budget. But if things are now irreversible, if you are no longer able to pay off your bank debts, with a debt transfer loan, you can configure your debt and edit your budget.

Debt transfer credit; when you have credit card debt to a bank for a month, if you have difficulty paying off this debt and you need some money, there is a process of transferring your debt to another bank with a new loan. For example, you owe Bank X a loan of £ 2,000 and now its monthly installments are forcing you. In this case, when you apply to a bank that gives a debt closure loan, your 2000 lira loan goes to that bank and you can withdraw some more credit on it. In this transfer process, the bank pays you first as much as your loan debt, and after you pay off your debt to the other bank, you can get the remaining loan amount from the bank. In addition to allowing your payment conditions to improve, your immediate cash requirement for that process is met.

Configure your debts instead of getting a debt closure loan

Apart from these three banks, you have a chance to get a second loan, although it is not called a loan closure. But in order for you to receive these loans, your credit rating and income must be at the necessary level. In addition, unfortunately, you may not be able to get a second loan from the banks.

Instead of getting a debt closure loan, you can also apply to configure your debts in banks if you want. Thanks to the new regulations, banks offer their customers who have difficulty paying off their credit or credit card debts the opportunity to re-configure the debt. In this way, by dividing your remaining debt back into equal installments, you can achieve ease of payment. Banks that perform credit card and credit configuration include Garanti Bank, TEB, Akbank, Yapı Kredi Bank and Denizbank. If you have existing debt in these banks, you can apply for the debt configuration process before applying for a loan debt transfer to another bank.

If your bank's debt configuration system is not suitable for you, then you can negotiate with other banks for debt closure. On the internet pages of banks for these loans, you can find only the loan campaigns we are talking about. In addition, if you want to apply for these loan campaigns, you need to apply individually to bank branches. From another point of view, you can get support from an individual customer representative by calling the banks ' telephone banking system.

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