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Most Commonly Used Linux Commands
Anyone who is interested in the Internet and software has recently encountered the word Linux first when it is called “open source system”. Many people wonder, “what is Linux” does not stop asking and research the operating system is actually a system that will be user-friendly, not afraid of open source code.

Another derivative of the freely distributed, multi-user and multitasking UNIX operating system is the Linux operating system. Linux is a system that runs on many platforms that can be interfered with by many people who want to improve the system and is compatible with personal computers, especially IBM PCs, and has no cost.

The Linux operating system is completely free and its license does not restrict anyone. Linux, developed to protect user rights, is free. Linux, which can be installed in the system in 30 minutes, is a system that is quickly installed and started to be used with a single installation. It is installed with many plugins such as office software, internet Explorer and chat program.

Software and installation information that meets all the needs of a user is available in Linux. It has an easy operation. In this way, graphic interfaces, icons and menu are known as user-friendly.Dec. The biggest advantage of Linux is that it is a interchangeable and customizable operating system. In addition, the Linux system, which scans all files from the internet, never allows viruses.

Linux Operating System History

In 1991, a teenager named Linus Torvalds from Finland rolled up his sleeves to write an operating system and opened this idea to the world via the internet. This idea, which received more attention than ever expected, along with additions sent by thousands of people, led to Linux being used today.

In fact, Linux, which has been constantly changing and developing since 1991, initially consisted of several C files. However, with 18 million new lines added under the General Public License (GNU) in version 4.2.3 in 2015, open source code has grown a lot. RedHat is the simplest version of Linux with the most options, although the support service is high-level.

Most Commonly Used Linux Commands

Those who want to use Linux think that the operating system is a complex system that only programmers can understand. At first, everyone is biased against Linux, since it is a system that requires the use of many commands. In fact, Linux, which has many commands, is actually an operating system where it is enough to know some basic commands. Basic Linux commands and usage patterns are as follows:

1. cd command
the cd command is used to navigate the Linux file system. It requires either the directory name or the exact location, depending on the existing directory. For example, you are in the home/user/Documents directory and want to go to photos, which is a subdirectory of documents. For this process, all you have to do is write the CD photos command.

If you want to change your location faster, go to a parent directory ” cd.. "or if you want to go to the previous directory, you can use ” cd -”. All that needs to be noted is that Linux is case sensitive. Therefore, the directory name must be entered as is.

2. PWD Command
the PWD command is used to find out which directory you are currently in. The command provides you with clear and precise location information. Usually the command starts with a split sign ( / ). For example, the /home/username can be used as a full command.

3. cat command
The cat command, one of the common commands in Linux, is used to view the contents of a file contained in the standard output. to run the cat command, “cat” is entered first, and then the file name and extension. For example, the cat txt.

4. Is Command
The IS command is used to view the contents of the directory. A command that displays the current contents of the current directory can also show other contents of the directory. For example, if you want to see the contents of documents, simply enter the Is / home/username/documents command.

5. mv command
the mv command is used to move the main usage files and rename the files. to use this command, which is quite similar to the cp command, you must first enter mv, then the file name and Destination directory. For example, the mv txt/home/username / documents.

6. cp command
The cp command is used to copy files from the default directory. For example, cp example.jpg/home/user / photos command when written, “example.a copy of the file” jpg " is created in the photos directory.

7. touch command
The touch command is used to create empty files on the command line. For example, to create an HTML file with the web name under the Documents directory, click touch /home/user name/documents/Web.the html command is entered.

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