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Does Hosting affect SEO performance?
What is SEO?

Everyone always comes across the term SEO when creating a new website. Almost everyone is curious about the details of this concept, which is a series of studies that need to be done to be visible in the Web world, and first of all, “what is SEO?"they are looking for answers to the question. SEO is actually a shortened version of the English words “Search Engine Optimization”. It goes into Turkish as “Search Engine Optimization”.

If you need to define it in a short and clear way, SEO is the work done to ensure that websites rise in search engines and flow traffic organically. In other words, it is the process of making continuous improvements to the site infrastructure to achieve a better ranking on the search engine page (SERP) for the website.

SEO work aims to attract more visitors to the site. Traffic coming to the site through search engines is called organic traffic. Organic traffic is those who actively search for what is offered on the website and tend to convert more often. For this reason, the website must have features that meet a number of SEO criteria and strategies in order to address organic traffic.

How important is speed for SEO?

The page speed of a website is an effective criterion for SEO as well as increasing the number of visitors. Therefore, the faster the pages of one site load, the more visitors to the site will tend to navigate the other pages. This means that requests to move from one page to another page occur. Therefore, this increases the time for the visitor to stay on the site.

The fast loading feature of the website also allows search engine bots to move around the site more easily and quickly. In this way, bots can visit more pages of the site and index the site faster. Because the biggest expectation of visitors and search engines on a site is speed.

In particular, Google's importance to site speed can be understood from the use of Statistics, algorithm descriptions, and tokens indicating its own speed in search results. For example, when a search is performed on Google, it shows the number of queries made in the top corner of the indexed pages and the speed at which Google performs this query. As an example, when we type SEO in the Google search bar, an indicator appears as follows: “about 732,000,000 results were found (0.52 seconds)”

How Does Fast Hosting Affect SEO?

Google and other search engines scan millions of websites in the internet world through their spiders. These spiders that scan examine the user experiences and quality of their websites. It also gives sites a certain ranking score thanks to the algorithms found in its software. Although this score is not the only criterion of existence in the search engine, it is known as the most important criterion.

Another way to be ranked high in search engines is the quality of your site. Of course, quality hosting should be chosen first. For this purpose, sites that are always accessible and hosted in seamless hosting are also located on the side that is advantageous in terms of Spider scanning. However, hosting, which constantly experiences low performance, creates interruptions, and has security problems, negatively affects the SEO performance of the site.

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