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What is SEO? How to make a successful SEO work?
What is SEO and what does it do?

Digital marketing techniques that play an important role to improve its position in the search engines a SEO website to the visitors of the site provide a unique user experience in terms of both quantity and quality of organic traffic to and from the site to improve search engine quality guidelines, it is implemented in accordance with the totality of technical and Strategic Studies.

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing term that is formed by shortening the words Search Engine Optimization in English and means Search Engine Optimization in Turkish. “What is SEO?"the most general answer to the question is the actions taken to improve a website in search engine results and increase performance in visitor traffic with targeted words and keyword groups.

In the past, anyone who was educated or not trained in this regard claimed to have done SEO work, which gained great importance with the introduction of the internet into our lives. Even the work under the name SEO, which was done without taking into account the quality, security and benefits of the site to its users, could give results without taking into account the intense effort to increase the search engine ranking of the website.

Web site users have access to the information they are looking for platforms that they visit, the fact that weak, or just poor quality content to rise in the search engines created to steal your financial information such as the identity of the visitors and that creates a negative experience for users of harmful sites opened situations, both for the quality elements listed in search engines SEO work changed the course of both.

Today, SEO studies have also undergone a radical evolution with the development of search engine algorithms, the spread of internet use on mobile devices, the increase of digital competition in every sector and the idea of providing benefits to the user. So much so that in order to be listed and promoted in search engines, you now need to play the game according to the rules and offer value to website visitors.

Able to implement digital marketing strategies with these strategies and up to date theoretical knowledge and technical experience by working with experienced SEO agency or an SEO expert with professional support from your personal website or your business ' digital presence search engine results pages (SERP) can provide a competitive edge and strengthen.

Why Is It Important To Rank Higher In Search Engines?

Today, when online competition comes to the forefront, you must have a digital marketing plan whose goals are correctly defined to differentiate between your products, services and corporate identity from your competitors and achieve a superior position. Among the digital marketing factors that strengthen your business's online presence, Search Engine Optimization is undoubtedly the most important.

With search engine optimization that you will make or make on your website, you can improve your position in SERPs, increase your brand awareness and visibility in the digital world. This means that you will provide more organic hits to your website and more customers to your business. It is an effective digital marketing technique that you can use to achieve your financial goals faster and increase the value of your company.

How is SEO done?

“How to do SEO to get a successful position in search engines?” it is of great importance to work with SEO agencies consisting of people who know or are trained in SEO expertise, who are experienced and have serious references as well. An unconscious and amateurish SEO work can cause losses in terms of time, finance and prestige.

“How to do SEO?” even if you don't know, mastering the basics of SEO will put you in an advantageous position to make the right choice about the person or agency that will optimize your website, have an idea of its work, and keep control.

Before starting search engine optimization studies, it is vital to determine the goals that need to be achieved with the improvements that will be made and to create a strategic SEO plan that meets these goals. A search engine optimization process that begins without preparing a roadmap can not achieve success, but can lead to time and financial losses.

SEO refers to a holistic digital marketing work focused on strategy. When optimizing a website for search engines, many interrelated criteria are considered. The basic elements of SEO are examined in two main categories that complement each other: intra-site and off-site optimization operations.

In both on-site search engine optimization and off-site optimization, the most important criteria to focus on for the long-term SERP success of your website is to act with an approach that keeps the user experience at the center by providing quality, originality, suitability and diversity.

Google, Bing and Yandex on a global scale, such as the user density of these channels and your website listed in the top spots in the search engines organic site managers that they expect to provide hit follow guidelines to follow considering the current ranking factors and messages alert you to fix on your web site you must make continuous improvement efforts.

How to do in-site SEO?

There are 8 important criteria that apply to all search engines on the basis of in-site SEO studies conducted to take the top place in search engines:

In-Site SEO parameters: these are parameters that communicate to search engines what the created web page is about through the Meta title, Meta description and Meta Tags (tags, keywords) channel. Creativity, conformity to SEO, and originality affect success.
Heading Tags: H1, H2,...H6 title tags, which send a signal to search engines about the subject and hierarchical structure of a website's content, allowing users to browse the page more easily, are among the most important criteria for on-page search engine optimization.
URL structure: an SEO-friendly URL should contain a keyword or phrase of primary importance on the page and should be kept as short as possible. Words in the URL should be separated by a hyphen (-) and no spaces between the characters.
Content factor: unique content generation is an important element of internal Seo. The originality of the content, the value and benefit it offers the reader, and the use of keywords summarizing the topic with a balanced density ratio directly affect the page's search engine ranking.
Media usage: media that enriches written content and subject matter with images, videos, and infographics, which can use page-related keywords in their sub-tags, directly affects the SEO in-site with the advantages of increasing user experience, interaction, and page navigation time.
Responsive design: with the development of technology, site visits are made from many different devices in the mobile and desktop categories. Today, search engines that center the user experience reward sites with a responsive theme that offers ease of access from all types of devices.
Site speed: due to its positive contribution to the user experience, the load time of page elements, in other words, site speed, is one of the most important ranking factors of Google and other popular search engines.
Internal link Network: also called in-Site link construction, these are hyperlink links created from a page to a different page within the site through the appropriate keyword, URL, or image. A balanced internal link network positively affects SERP.
How to do off-Site SEO?
Another pillar of optimization efforts to gain position advantage on search engine result pages is off-site SEO applications. Based on off-Site search engine optimization, backlink, social media and digital PR work to increase brand visibility and awareness takes an important place.

All steps in the SEO off-site optimization, balance, creativity, stability, uniqueness, quality, and the steps to be taken in providing a benefit to the user based allows you to rise in the search engine rankings SERP by strengthening on the performance of your property and especially digital online the authority can achieve a positive and lasting impact.

Baclink operation: backlinks to your target page using a URL address, keyword, or visual from similar sites related to your industry and topic. Backlinks that strengthen the target page are of great benefit to SEO work when applied balanced.
Social Media Studies: it is an off-site SEO method that affects search engine rankings, where you can share important developments, services, campaigns and newly created web pages related to your brand using or not using backlinks in your social media accounts.
Digital PR: these are content published on internet sites, blogs, social media and news sites to create a perception of sectoral prestige about the brand, reduce the impact of negative situations reflected in classical and digital media, and turn it into a positive experience.
Off-site SEO work is creative, eye-catching, user-oriented, unique content that delivers value and utility is made by producing the target domain when expanded in a natural way to increase site traffic with organic search engine rankings and conversion rates will rise faster which is the ultimate aim in a position to reach the planned targets makes a positive contribution.

How is the effectiveness of SEO work measured?
There are paid and free seo analysis tools that you can use online to measure the efficiency of search engine optimization work. Free SEO tools include Google's Keyword Planner for Ads users, Search Console for website owners and administrators, and Google Analytics.

Yandex Metrica and Yandex Web Master, one of the leading brands among search engines, as well as free SEO analysis tools offered by Bing search engine under the name Web Master Tools, you can save your website to these search engines, track visitor traffic and improve your website in light of possible error messages.

You can use paid and free SEO testing tools to analyze your website'S SEO values. SEO testing applications that analyze your website's compliance with search engine criteria and quality guidelines will guide you in your SERP strategy and contribute positively to your SEO success.

Screaming Frog, which is one of the desktop SEO testing tools that you can use for free by downloading it to your computer, allows you to quickly analyze and find existing errors on your website with its advanced infrastructure and useful features. Using Screaming Frog, which has many advanced SEO control features, you can explore applications that will improve your website'S SEO performance.

The SEOQuake app, which you can use for analysis and audit operations, is among the best free SEO control tools. SEOQuake, used by downloading an extension to the Chrome browser, includes highly functional features that allow you to check in-site SEO, scan in-site links, check out external backlinks, and compare your site with competing websites.

MOZ, Ahrefs and SEMRush are among the most preferred online SEO applications in the world. All three apps guide you to increase your digital authority with premium features such as comprehensive SEO performance analysis, competing site auditing, keyword derivation, and SEO rank Finder.

Who Does SEO? Do I need training to do SEO?
SEO should be done by people who work regularly and programmatically, who are self-taught in research, analytical thinking, follow-up, project development, communication and Cooperation, who have ethical working principles. An SEO expert who lacks any of these features, although strong in terms of theoretical and technical knowledge, will not be able to provide 100% performance to the company he serves.

Having an SEO expert trained in classic marketing and digital marketing plays an important role in the quality of his work. An SEO consultant who has mastered basic software and coding information from a technical point of view, trained and experienced in this regard, will produce fast and effective solutions to find and eliminate SEO errors on the site.

A consultant who specializes in search engine optimization should be able to use SEO tools effectively, have extensive knowledge of search engines ' site indexing and closely follow algorithm updates. It should have both knowledge and experience in online SEO tools and their use that serve to analyze keyword density and competitor strategies.

Off-site SEO Techniques Search Engine backlink directly affect the performance of the scope of studies for accurate, ethical and authoritarian finding the link, backlink exchange, SEO expert experienced in making your website to rise in search engine rankings, and will make a significant contribution to the protection authorities and to strengthen.

A website is expected to be ranked in search engines, to rise, to increase visitor traffic in terms of quality and quantity, as well as to have an experienced expert in constantly improving the success achieved, to have SEO training and to have a structure open to learning in order to add new equipment to itself every day.

When doing research to make Search Engine Optimization on your site, you can not only be limited to consultants who provide boutique SEO services, but also communicate with local, national and global SEO agencies, taking into account the scope of your project. This can put you in an advantageous position in terms of faster execution of your transactions by teams that have proven professionalism, as well as the SEO prices that will be offered for your project.

What Is Organic Hits? How To Measure Organic Hits
Organic hit is called visitor traffic that naturally leads to the site through digital marketing channels. There are ethical and Black Hat SEO methods used to provide organic hits to the site. When Black Hat (Black Hat) search engine optimization techniques that are incompatible with search engine algorithms are detected by artificial intelligence-based search engine algorithms, the site can be criminalized.

You can use free SEO audit tools to measure your website's organic hit metrics and analyze the data. Among these tools, Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica are among the most preferred tools for measuring organic hits and analyzing site visitors.

Organic and natural hits to measure traffic, non-clicks this tool to identify the sources of leads to your site from site visits, you can see the traffic on your web site, which pages visited, how many go to the page when the pages by analyzing the pages visited and the variety of metrics such as time, natural and non-natural sources of visitors, you can determine.

Natural Methods To Achieve Organic Hit Increase
There are many natural methods that will increase your website's organic visitor traffic and increase your hits. The most important of these methods will be a user-oriented search engine optimization work that you will make on your site. Your website, which is compatible with search engines, will increase in SERPs, the number of clicks and, in parallel, organic visitor traffic will increase.

Develop the scope of the existing content on the subject configure different search queries to respond to new long-tailed keywords and hidden semantic indexing capabilities enrich the content with different people respond different search criteria to increase organic visitor traffic as well as higher in quality and number of hits you can get.

Another way to increase website traffic in natural ways is to use social media effectively. By configuring your website and social media accounts to work integrated with each other, you can attract natural traffic to your website through these channels as a result of sharing your topic on dozens of different social channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram and Twitter.

Develop metrics to effectively hit all three alternatives by using your organic potential visitors of your website that you provide through natural means as you can, the interest on the different pages of the navigation by Page in the eyes of the search engines that will increase the diversity of the circulation and to lower the bounce rate on your site will make it possible to reach more quickly the desired conversion rates.

Effective SEO in 6 Steps
Consider the 6 effective SEO steps you will take to ensure that your online property is ranked high in important search engine rankings, especially Google, organic clicks, as well as increased potential visitor/customer traffic and becomes better quality.

Optimize for search purpose: when creating content on your website or updating an existing page, correctly understand the intention of the audience you are targeting to come to that Page, make sure that new content that you will produce or edit meets expectations 100%.
Be better or unusual: “what does SEO mean?"the best answer to the question is to make a difference. Be different from your competitors or do better than the best by adhering to quality guidelines to achieve successful results in SEO.
Focus on Long-tailed keywords: as part of your keyword plan and SEO strategy, produce rich, user-benefit-oriented content with long-tailed keywords that answer relatively low-competitive but specific search queries.
Do not switch to Off-Site Operations without completing in-Site SEO: “What does SEO-compatible mean?"the correct answer to the question is to optimize with a holistic perspective. Comply with search engines with on-site SEO criteria, then provide authority with off-site SEO steps.
Take advantage of SEO tools: take advantage of the power of paid and free SEO analysis tools. Keep the course of your work under constant control. Detect and resolve possible errors earlier. Focus on competing strategies, focus on doing better than them.
Make your content look great: take advantage of the power of images and infographics, as well as audio and video, to turn your high-quality, useful and rich content into a visual feast for the user. Give your users an exceptional experience.

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