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What Is App Store Optimization How To Do?
Those who receive information about SEO often come across information about Aso. App Store Optimization, which is quite different from classic search engine optimization, needs to pay attention to different details. Starting with App Store nedir, you can find all the details about App Store Optimization and optimize your applications easily.

What Is The App Store?

The App Store is described as an online App Store run by Apple, one of the world's tech giants. Apps that are compatible with Apple's iPhone phones, iPod Touch and iPad products 'operating system help improve the devices' performance. The store comes self-installed inside each Apple device.

Users log in to the store via their Apple ID. Thanks to your personal Apple ID, you can see apps, versions, and updates suitable for the device in the store. In addition to free apps, paid apps can also be installed on the device by paying through the Apple ID. Apps can be downloaded instantly via Wi-Fi or 4.5 G internet.

Each country sees different online Apple stores. Users in Turkey reach local App stores. Active, accessible applications in the country are thus easily filtered and downloaded. Apps in the store are not owned by Apple, they are designed by developers and made available for download.

Data sent by app owners is evaluated and approved for compliance with Apple policies. Ads can be found in free apps. You can use in-app purchase functions to remove ads. You can register immediately via App store sign up. After logging in to the App store with your membership information, you can install and optimize the apps you have prepared in the store.

What is Aso (App Store Optimization)?

To answer the question What is App Store Optimization, you need to talk about the optimization function. Optimization means meeting the requirements required by algorithms for applications to rank high in user searches inside the store. ASO aims to increase the number of downloads of apps with organic traffic. Apps with focused words and word groups appear to be top thanks to ASO.

while offering, the conversion rate aims to provide more downloads. Aso allows the application to be more visible and to increase the download with visuals and messages that explain the benefits.

Why is Aso important?
There are more than 3 million apps available to users through the App Store Turkey. Almost 3000 applications are broadcast every day. Users are faced with millions of content in dozens of categories, trying to find apps that fit their needs. During these processes, both the online recommendations of the store are taken into account and the apps are filtered through the search bar.

As a result of its work, Apple shares with developers that 65% of app downloads occur as a result of online searches within the App Store. It is known that more than half of these searches are performed by public searches, not by Application name or private information. That's why ASO is gaining importance. It is necessary to optimize the applications that need to be downloaded more.

What Are The Factors Affecting Your App Store Ranking?

Using metadata suitable for users ' searches makes it easier for applications to get to the top. The presence of meta words in the app title and subtitle increases the chances of downloading the app.
The number of daily downloads affects the Aso ranking. The greater the number of daily downloads of the app, the more likely it is to rise in the rankings.
Stores design their results to improve the user experience. If the app has a fixed conversion rate for a particular keyword, the ranking goes up.
Reviews, stars that users give, the tendency to like shown affect the ranking.
If users don't uninstall the app after downloading, that is, if the retention rate is high, the ranking goes up.
Poor performance of the app lowers the ranking.
How to make ASO?
To do ASO, you first need to know the competitors. Knowing which practices are competing creates resources to develop the strategy. Feasibility study can be done by examining not only one-to-one competitors, but also applications that use focused keywords. Games, informative apps, social networks, all apps that create competition in different types are examined and analyzed.

You can get realistic criteria by getting answers to questions such as how competitors ' optimization strategy, why they are rising, how many words they use, how they receive comments, what features attract users. Small research creates useful tools for app developers. ASO data is obtained by looking at keywords through different tools to increase visibility.

When reviewing keywords, you can look at what words your app ranks in, what words competitors stand out in, and what words they don't use. You can review which words provide downloads, which words are suggested on the ad network, automatic suggestions, popular words and the fastest growing searches recently. You can advance by selecting medium and high volume keywords and using them in titles.

The effect of visuals on transformation is undeniable. You should prepare well-thought-out, designed screenshots and preview videos. You must localize the application for worldwide visibility. You can include information about all the languages and countries you want to target in ASO texts and images. You can compete with international practices by developing the right strategies.

You can encourage your users to comment and give stars. You can ask your environment to rate apps and add pop-ups to your app for comments. When doing ASO, you can frequently check the app's ranking and the change in visibility. By directing optimization according to the effect of the changes made, you can get a faster path.

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