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When Will My Credit Rating Be Updated?
If we give a brief information on behalf of those who do not know their credit rating, Your Score, which is collected only by one institution and is formed as a result of analysis and statistics, is called a credit rating.

In Turkey, there are Findex, which only performs these analyses under the name of the credit registration office. Companies that provide credit transactions provide credit transactions accordingly, taking credit ratings forward as an evaluation situation.

However, individuals who appear to have a low credit rating want to make some transactions in order to upgrade. If you're wondering, you can browse your credit risk status through E-Government and access the necessary reports.

Is There A Renewal Period For Credit Notes?

Contrary to what everyone thinks, credit notes are not renewed every 3 or 5 years, and there is no such situation as resetting and calculating them from the beginning. As we have said in the above definition, it is formed by calculating all the transactions in your past. For this reason, if you have any financial irregularities, waiting for a certain time can only be a small benefit.

If you have a low credit rating and it needs to be upgraded for credit transactions, you should not disrupt payments by working actively and regularly, except by constantly using financial institutions. If these studies are continuous, your credit rating will change positively in a fairly short period of time.

When Is The Credit Rating Updated?

There is no specific deadline for updating credit ratings. But in general, these changes may occur some time after payment periods. So, in short, credit ratings are generally updated every month. Exactly how your payments and financial transactions will affect your credit ratings will differ depending on how long you have been working with financial institutions.

Updating the credit rating can cause some problems for those who want to close the loan and apply for a new loan. The main reason for this problem is that when you apply to close another loan through another bank, the decision to refuse may come due to the fact that the banks are not directly reflected in the transaction of the loan that has been closed, indicating a high credit rating in terms of debt status. For such cases, you can first obtain a document from the financial institution where you closed the loan, and leave your application with a positive result without waiting for the credit rating update by giving this document to the financial institution where you will apply for a loan.

When Is Findex Credit Rating Updated?

Findex credit ratings are generally updated daily. But updating some financial information can take up to a month. Credit rating updates on Findex are quickly processed through data from banks. But it is not possible to give any time for the bank to make decisions about the arrival time and intervals of this data.

You can get preliminary information on behalf of the loan application by querying the credit rating through Findex.

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