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Gold or Gold Fund is more profitable?
Currently, on top of the importance of attitude and accumulation, many people have started to save money in various ways. Gold, which has been seen as one of the most profitable investment instruments for many years, is still one of the most preferred forms of accumulation, maintaining its popularity. Especially in pessimistic markets, it is one of the most preferred forms of investment in our state because it has made serious gains. Banks that evaluated this demand quite well began to provide services for their customers to accumulate with various gold accounts and gold funds. In recent years, they have started to prefer a gold fund or gold accounts in bank accounts instead of accumulating physiological gold. The most important reason for this is that there is a physiological risk of gold being lost or stolen.

If I have to have physiological gold, then the safe deposit boxes in the banks come into play. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the annual costs of safe deposit boxes and the difference of about 5% when cashing from jewelers. And in gold accounts created in banks, you can get as much gold as your money. It means that even with 1 GBP, gold can be bought at the equivalent rate. Moreover, there are no account operating expenses or commissions. During trading, there is a difference of only 1%. In the Gold Fund, we have two different alternatives. In the principal protected gold fund, the principal is protected, so that our money is not put at risk. If there is a return on gold, profits are made according to the participation rate of the fund. Although it varies from bank to bank, the average maturity period can change within 6-12 months. In case of early departure, the early exit amount is cut at 1 -3% rates. Gold mutual funds do not have a maturity period. In the same way, because there is no principal protection, it is more risky than principal protected funds. In addition, the fund has an investment amount. To sum up, we tried to answer the question of whether gold or the Gold Fund is more profitable. We hope it was helpful.

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