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What is a futures option Exchange (VOB)?
The futures option Exchange is the first private exchange organization established on July 4, 2005, as a result of the Council of Ministers No. 2001/3025, which was built on the date 3/9/2001 of the Ministry of State and Article No. 2381. It is used to manage futures and options transactions. In our country, futures are carried out by VOB. VOB, which is active within the CMB, has developed in a short time since its establishment and has managed to reach quite a number of member organizations.

The main goal of vob is to meet the risk management requirements that will occur in enterprises in the most appropriate way. Moreover, with the help of VOB products, many failures in economic systems can be fixed. At the time of trading using derivative instruments, the final stage can offer effective solutions to protect investors from risks in situations of uncertainty that lead to negativity. There are 8 main markets that make up the Futures Options Exchange, and we can list these Sunday as follows:

Currency futures
Electric futures
Commodity Futures Trading
Index option
Index futures
Precious metals futures
Share option
Share futures

Apart from the main markets mentioned above, the Special Command market and the Special Command announcement market are also the basic composition of vob. The main markets are divided into 8 main classes according to the types of contracts traded. The private command market and the private command announcement market are markets where larger amounts are traded.

An investor who wants to trade in vob can fulfill this request through brokerage organizations. Just as in Ise, in vob, it is not possible for individual investors to trade without an intermediary institution.

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