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World stock markets and international stock market indices
The stock market is an old enough concept to be called almost the same age as humanity. Some people prefer to work in a paid place to earn a living, while most of them prefer to engage in trade. Where there is a trade, there will be a trading business, and where there is a trading business, the stock market will be formed. Naturally, when we look at today's stock markets, we see that the expression of the stock market is much more developed and extends to different branches. BIST ( Borsa Istanbul) in our homeland, we can also show many stock market indices around the world as an example of them.

In this article, we will share with you about world stock markets and international stock market indices.

World stock markets and international stock market indices

Stock markets and indices in the United States

DOW 30, Nasdaq 100, Nasdaq, S&P 500, S&P 500 VIX, DJ Composite, DJ Transportation, DJ Utility, NYSE Composite, NYSE Market Composite, QTCM ADR, QTCM QX ADR 30, Russell 2000, Russel 2000 NR, S&P 100, S&P Industrials Composite.

Stock markets and indices in Germany

DAX, Euro Stoxx 50, Classic All Share, DAX Midcap Market, DAX Technology All Share, HDAX, MDAX, Prime All Share, SDAX, TecDAX.

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Stock markets and indices in Australia

S&P/ASX 200, ASX All Ordinaries, ASX Small Ordinaries, S&P/ASX 100, S&P/ASX 20, S&P/ASX 300, S&P/ASX 50, S&P/ASX All Australion 200, S&P/ASX All Australion 50, S & P / ASX Midcap 50.


FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE 350, FTSE AIM All Share, FTSE All Share, FTSE SmallCap, FTSE techMARK 100, UK 100.

People & Apos; S Republic Of China

Shanghai is China A50, S&P/CITIC 300 and S&P/CITIC 50.


CAC 40 is CAC all – Tradable, CAC Allshares, CAC Large 60, CAC Mid&Small, CAC Mid 60, CAC Next 20, CAC Small, SBF 120.

Cenup Korea

It is KOSPI, KOSPI 50, FTSE Korea, KOSDAQ, KQ 100, KOSPI 100, KOSPI 200, KOSPI Large Sized, KOSPI Medium Sized, KOSPI Small Sized, KRX 100.


AEX is AEX All Share, AEX Volatility, AMS Small Cap, AMX, Euronext 100, next 150 Index.


IBEX 35 is FTSE Latibex, General Madrid, IBEX Medium Cap, IBEX Small Cap.

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FTSE MIB, FTSE Italia All Share, FTSE Italia Mid Cap, FTSE Italia Small Cap, FTSE MIB TR EUR, Italy 40.


Nikkei 225, JASDAD, JASDAD 20, JPX-Nikkei 400, Nikkei 1000, Nikkei 300, Nikkei 500, Nikkei JQ Average, Nikkei Volatility, Topix, Topix 100, Topix 1000, Topix 500, TOPIX Composite.


S&P/TSX, S&P/TSX 60, S&P/TSX Completion, S&P/TSX Equity, S&P/TSX Small Cap, S & P / TSX Venture.


Doha securities market, FTSE NASDAQ Qatar 10, QE All Shares.


Kuwait Stock Exchange, KSX 15, is Kuwait Parallel Market.


MICEX is RTSI, MICEX 10, RTS 2, RTS Standard, Russian VIX.

Saudi Arabia

Tadawul Stock Exchange

Our list of world stock exchanges and international stock market indices ends here.

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