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What is a debt transfer loan, which banks transfer debt loans?
In today's conditions, although you do not want to work with banks and do not want to get under heavy debt, unfortunately, when you say heavy purchases, fixed earnings problems, health problems, unexpected expenses, unwittingly, debts to banks accumulate. Another unexpected expense comes before we close another debt. And from that point on, it becomes almost impossible not to work with banks. In fact, with the right budget adjustment, especially using a credit card is in many ways in the best interest of people.

Credit cards allow you to access large amounts of products or services in installments. In this way, you do not invest all your cash in a single product or service. It also creates opportunities for other expenses. However, credit card use is somewhat misunderstood in our country. Considering that credit cards are used even when buying water from the grocery store, we can say that borrowing is inevitable at this stage. The most important issue to pay attention to when using a credit card or when taking out loans from banks is that the purchase you will make should be a loaded purchase and is necessary.

If you want to go on a summer vacation, instead of taking out credit for it, you may want to consider saving up. Until next season, you can save money for a holiday as you wish. If you don't have enough money, you can get installment support with your credit card. Using a bank loan other than expenses such as a house, car, Wedding, health care will be challenging in terms of your budget. But if things are now irreversible, if you are no longer able to pay off your bank debts, with a debt transfer loan, you can configure your debt and edit your budget.

Debt transfer credit; when you have credit card debt to a bank for a month, if you have difficulty paying off this debt and you need some money, there is a process of transferring your debt to another bank with a new loan. For example, you owe Bank X a loan of £ 2,000 and now its monthly installments are forcing you. In this case, when you apply to a bank that gives a debt closure loan, your 2000 lira loan goes to that bank and you can withdraw some more credit on it. In this transfer process, the bank pays you first as much as your loan debt, and after you pay off your debt to the other bank, you can get the remaining loan amount from the bank. In addition to allowing your payment conditions to improve, your immediate cash requirement for that process is met.

Configure your debts instead of getting a debt closure loan

Apart from these three banks, you have a chance to get a second loan, although it is not called a loan closure. But in order for you to receive these loans, your credit rating and income must be at the necessary level. In addition, unfortunately, you may not be able to get a second loan from the banks.

Instead of getting a debt closure loan, you can also apply to configure your debts in banks if you want. Thanks to the new regulations, banks offer their customers who have difficulty paying off their credit or credit card debts the opportunity to re-configure the debt. In this way, by dividing your remaining debt back into equal installments, you can achieve ease of payment. Banks that perform credit card and credit configuration include Garanti Bank, TEB, Akbank, Yapı Kredi Bank and Denizbank. If you have existing debt in these banks, you can apply for the debt configuration process before applying for a loan debt transfer to another bank.

If your bank's debt configuration system is not suitable for you, then you can negotiate with other banks for debt closure. On the internet pages of banks for these loans, you can find only the loan campaigns we are talking about. In addition, if you want to apply for these loan campaigns, you need to apply individually to bank branches. From another point of view, you can get support from an individual customer representative by calling the banks ' telephone banking system.

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