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How Is Paper Analysis Done In The Stock Market?
Most of the investments to be traded on the stock exchange consist of precious papers. Based on this fact, we will try to tell you whether paper analysis is done well in the stock market. For example, let's assume that a firm will invest by buying shares. He must investigate the company before making a purchase. Because of this, investment in shares means investing directly in the company. By analyzing the company in past periods, it is estimated that it will be in a good course for its future. According to this, it is decided whether or not to invest. Roughly, we can say that this is how paper analysis is performed in the stock market.

Paper Analysis In The Stock Market

A good investor should do strict research on the company concerned from the moment they become interested in the shares. It must obtain and collate all past and current details about the company. When owning data about the company, the most up-to-date information about the sector in which the company was found should also be obtained. The current state of the sector will directly concern the company's values. This, in turn, will affect the shares that the investor has bought. The firm's progress in a positive state starting from the past and the fact that the sector is alive are sufficient reasons to invest in that firm's papers. In the same way, interest in the company and its shares are important considerations that indicate whether it can be invested in its papers.

For those who wonder if paper analysis is done well in the stock market, we can talk about 2 types of analysis in a scientific sense. These are basic analysis and technical analysis. Basic analysis is an analysis based on impressions as a result of studying the firm and the market. In technical analysis, more mathematical data is mentioned.

Fundamental analysis: Iktisat analysis consists of 3 sub-analyses: sector analysis and company analysis. In fundamental analysis, it is important to know the market and its conditions. Based on this information, cases are interpreted and as a result, positive or negative sides are tried to be revealed. In this way, profit or loss situations are tried to be revealed.
Technical analysis: technical analysis consists of 2 sub-analyses with tools and forms. In this method, which estimates the future based on events that have occurred in the past, the price/duration chart is frequently used. With the use of technical analysis tools, future developments are tried to be predicted.

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