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What Is A Stock Market Index?
The stock market, which is one of the most popular markets for investors recently, continues to grow its trading volume every day. In particular, as a result of recent cases in our state, although the economy of our country was asked to be put into a narrow strait; investors ' confidence in the market and the continued implementation of transactions survived this crisis, and the necessary response to the relevant regions was also given by investors. By returning to the stock market, which is our subject again; in our article today, we will try to answer the question of what stock market indices mean, which is a highly anticipated consideration with the stock market.

First, the index is called an indicator that gets an analysis of the proportional changes that come out of it, in which there are multiple stocks in its structure, the account is made based on the weight of these shares.

Index types can vary from country to country, and in general classification is done according to the sectors in which the shares are related. For a better understanding, when we examine the Dow Jones index in the United States, we see that it is formed as a result of the weighted average of the 30 largest shares. As a result of changing, descending or exiting the value of these 30 shares, the index price will be obtained.

When we look at the stock market in Turkey, we see that BIST has BIST – 30 index, BIST – 50 Index and BIST – 100 Index. It 30 – 50 – 100 the meaning expressed by its figures is how many shares are in the index. In fact, there are 30 shares in the BIST – 30 index. A new classification used in BIST is Group A shares, Group B shares, Group C and Group D shares. Group A shares and Group B shares are based during the calculation of the BIST – 100 index, while Group C and D shares are not included during these calculations. Group A and Group B shares to summarize the data to give; Group A shares 30,000,000 TL or above the FDP value was found in the specified shares, Group B shares 10,000,000 GBP – 30,000,000 GBP in the FDP value was found in the specified shares let us pass on the information.

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