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What Is Web Server? Nginx vs. Apache
A graphical Service located on the Internet, the web contains many visual and textual content. Web servers are an application software that delivers information and experience such as writing, graphics, audio, video, animation prepared for the user or viewer to everyone in the world. These servers differ depending on the operating system in which they are installed.

What Is Web Server?

So what is a web server? The servers where you host your websites are managed with various software. Unlike the operating system, this software is important for server administration. Web servers, which are responsible for publishing your site on the internet network, respond to the requests of clients and deliver your content to users through various protocols. This set of rules is called the HTTP protocol.

The HTTP protocol is a way of showing how to transfer your web content over the internet to the user. In this case, web servers control how your site visitors access data by executing HTTP requests. In short, servers responsible for publishing a web page on internet networks provide users with a structured website through various software.

One of the most important functions of Web servers is to serve site users living in different parts of the world at the same time. These servers process files prepared in many software languages, such as PHP, Python and Java, and convert them to static HTML files. It delivers HTML files to web users ' browsers, ensuring that communication between the server and the client is handled properly.

How Does Web Server Work?

“What is a Web server?"we can briefly answer the question as a type of software that fulfills HTTP requests. Web servers work with hardware support, as they are systems developed by various methods. Controls How Site users access different types of content and provides visitors with a structured web page. These servers are managed remotely via a command system.

Web server systems include PHP, C, ASP, Perl, .NET and many other application languages . These codes allow the software to run according to requests received through the server. In addition, it allows you to develop custom systems for your site, helping you to work on web server security, and allows you to prepare interactive content.

For example, many interactions, such as transferring content that you read or watch when you visit a website to you through a database, while saving your IP address, the number and duration of page views, are configured through server software. Web server installation you can browse the sites of the servers for an illustrated narrative and perform installation operations by following the specified instructions.

What Are Popular Web Servers?
Web server programs that have many types of features that they offer allow you to publish your sites on the internet both in terms of security and performance. Popular among these server types are Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, and Tomcat. The vast majority of websites are managed by these servers. Apache and Nginx in particular are among the best web server types.

In addition to this software, there is also the ASP web server service, which is written specifically for ASP developers. This server, which allows you to configure the directory for your web pages, also offers cookie support. Another software that is included between Web servers is Windows Server 2012. Windows Server 2012 web server, developed by Microsoft, is quite simple to install and manage.

What Is Apache, How Does It Work?

So what is Apache web server? Apache web server, a free software,is open source. It was developed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). It has an infrastructure consisting of many modules such as password authorization, security, URL writing and cache. Apache has a customizable structure that allows you to add and remove these modules according to your needs.

One of the most popular web servers, the software acts as a bridge between the site and users. Apache web server, a cross-platform software, is easy to install and use. A server system running on a Thread-based infrastructure can be easily configured. The software, which you can also use on WordPress sites, also performs very well in terms of security.

What Is Nginx, How Does It Work?

Initially developed by Igor Sysoev as a fast mail client, Nginx was later updated as a web server. Open source software performs well for high-traffic sites with the ability to work simultaneously. Nginx, which runs on many servers with the Linux operating system, is also ideal for installing centos web server.

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