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What Is Firewall?
If you're a little interested in the Internet and the digital world, you probably have heard the term firewall before. You can make your movements much more secure by learning more about firewall, which is one of the most valuable solutions for both moving around the digital world much more easily and performing transactions safely.

What Is A Firewall?

The word Firewall actually means firewall in Turkish. Firewall, in its simplest form, monitors outgoing and incoming network traffic as a task. In this way, it automatically filters unauthorized access attempts caused by malicious applications and software. In other words, firewall is known as a must-have security solution for the internet world.

Why Is Firewall Important?

Firewall's main goal is to allow secure network traffic by excluding threats. Especially since it is known that hackers infiltrate users ' computers every 39 seconds, protecting sensitive data such as personal information and banking information against these hackers is of great importance. Therefore, using a firewall is very important to create the first line of defense.

Effective network security means blocking suspicious traffic before it reaches the computer. Designed to restrict unauthorized access, these firewalls protect the network and information from malicious people whose access has not been approved. But you should not think that firewall, that is, firewall, is the same thing as antivirus programs.

Because the firewall does not check whether the contents of incoming packets have malicious software. With Firewall, it is possible to automatically block only suspicious network traffic. As a result, users are protected from traffic that will create much larger threats. But it is still necessary to use antivirus programs to detect the contents of packages from traffic that does not look suspicious.

It's not enough to run the firewall once. Firewall settings require regular updates. In this way, the firewall automatically controls and provides data security with the simplest, most effective and modest solutions. For this reason, you must use a firewall for the security of your computer and regularly update this program

How Does Friewall Work?

Just as firewalls installed in real life are used to prevent damage caused by a fire, for example, in the digital world, a firewall is also used to prevent cyber attacks. The firewall adds an important layer of protection to the data transfer mechanisms. In this way, suspicious network traffic from unauthorized or fake sources is blocked directly.

In this way, hackers can easily infiltrate and damage any device or computer with an internet connection. One of the most important features of a firewall, in particular, is that it can distinguish between dangerous and secure traffic. So he can control access. In addition, there are some other functions that the firewall performs.

Accordingly, it defends the gateway, executes defined security policies, can separate activities on the trusted network, covers and protects your internal network address. At the same time, the firewall on your computer also functions as a summary of events and alerts. Therefore, a firewall that has a multi-system operation acts as a wall for your computer.

Firewall devices and equipment
According to its structure, firewall devices are divided into two types, hardware and software. But instead of choosing one of them, you actually need to use both. In addition, firewalls can be categorized as status checking, packet checking, circuit level, next-generation firewalls, and proxy-based firewalls. After installing the systems, firewall opening and firewall closing operations can be performed according to the need.

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