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What Is An Overdraft Account?
Overdraft account (KMH) expenditure within defined limits banks checking accounts, cash advance installment you can withdraw and transfer money, as money between banks, plus an additional account, saving account, Flexible account and Advance account by definition is a type of loan. An overdraft account is called an account where you can withdraw cash within your limit amount, even if there is no money in your account. With KMH, you can make invoices or loan repayments and other payments that you provide automatic and regular payment instructions without tending to delay.

Should I use KMH?

Banks both promote new products that they have developed for the needs of their customers and make them available to their customers. Although many banks serving in our country have made products specially prepared for their mission available to their customers, some banking products are available to all banks. In recent years, the overdraft account (KMH), which has been used as a new product, especially for the benefit of customers who have a demand account, is among this product group. So, what is an overdraft account?

Additional account, plus money is called, the only interest rates that account holders need to know about these products, which provide their customers with great ease during their use. Account holders who want to use this banking product should first know the interest rates applied to their overdraft account. Because each bank has the opportunity to determine the interest on the overdraft account as it wants. This, in turn, is the knowledge that bank customers need to examine the interest rates on the overdraft account belonging to the bank they want to use in advance. In addition, how to open an overdraft account and what you need to know about the application process during the opening of the account, you also need to find an answer to your questions. The KMH account is also known as an additional account, plus definitions such as money.

Advantages Disadvantages

Advantage: you meet your cash needs at any time. It's not like your bills aren't paid.
Does it cost: you pay as much interest as the days you use it.
Gaye: to be able to meet all your cash needs in a short time
How To Open An Overdraft Account
1. In particular, it can be opened with a salary account, an account that every salaried employee can have.
2. You must go to your bank with your TC identity document, income document, sometimes additional document and fill out the application form.

Defining Account-Bound

A person who is considering opening an overdraft account can do so by contacting any bank branch belonging to his or her bank. During the application, you may need to sign a contract, as well as provide a photocopy of your identity card and a salary sheet showing your monthly income. For application, some banks can also perform these transactions via internet banking. In addition, many banks serving in our country automatically open an overdraft account to their salary customers. Accounts and features defined separately between banks are as follows;

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