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Can I withdraw a mortgage loan if I have a loan debt?
Although mortgage interest rates, which reached levels that cannot be taken with a sudden increase in the previous year, have reached the level that can be taken over time; it is clear from the statements that falling interest rates are not very effective in buying a home. Because 3 out of every 10 people apply for a mortgage loan for the purchase of a new home, while the other 7 people apply to configure their existing loan. While this is the case, some areas are trying to get housing. Today, more than a million people have been in execution due to loan debts this year. In this case, it is obvious that the majority of people who want to buy a house also owe loans to banks. Our article will be very useful, especially for questions about whether these people can withdraw a mortgage loan that they have a loan debt.

Credit Pull On Top Of Credit

A home loan is a type of loan issued if some criteria are met, as in other banking products. If you do not meet these criteria, the bank will avoid offering you this product and you will not receive it. In any case, everyone who applies does not have a pedestal that can get a loan. Because these issues are resolved by legal legislation and regulations. Given that the mortgage is placed on the house in question when buying a mortgage, it can be taken a little more. However, the conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan are as follows;

Having a credit rating at available levels
Existing income is in amounts that will provide loan installment and monthly living
The house to be taken is suitable for the loan

In this case, the person who owes the loan will also pay the mortgage loan installment with the remaining amount after paying the existing loan installment so that he can get a mortgage loan, and the amount will remain to him enough to sustain his life. If these conditions are formed, you will be able to get a new loan, even if you have an installment loan. If there are problems paying these installments, people may try to use a mortgage loan with an increased installment. It should be noted here that the balance between the amount withdrawn and the amounts payable monthly, rather than the number of loans withdrawn. You can also withdraw your second, third or even fourth loan if your current income meets the payments on the loan purchases. Financial institutions will not oppose this situation.

If the calculation is made over the income, some banks allow you to get amounts at a level that can pay an installment of half of the income. For example, a person who receives 2 thousand lira can pay a thousand lira loan installment, believing that the amount of loan he can pay with interest in a maximum term of 60 months is 1000 GBP. In this case, the amount you can get will be 60 thousand pounds together with the interest you will pay.

The Value Given To Housing Determines The Amount Of The Loan

It is a fact that after using a mortgage loan, people go on the path of using a consumer loan. The reason for this is that the 20% down payment requested for the purchase of housing cannot be met by the people and they want to go down the path of meeting it again by using the loans they need. People who want to use a loan for the entire housing to be taken out can use the entire loan with an expert report that determines the cost of housing, while in some cases they attract less than they expect. For this reason, the assessment report is important in determining the value of housing.

Is the need loan withdrawn after the mortgage loan?

After using a mortgage loan, you may need time to withdraw the loans you need. Different banks can see each loan you have used instantly and can also examine your debt. In this case, they do not look hot on consumer credit after a newly purchased home loan. But need loans are not only taken from banks. There are some polling stations and cooperatives where you can get this loan. For this, of course, you will face different conditions. As an example here, the material need can be met thanks to the primary school teachers ' chest (Ilksan), the Pol-San that the police can take, and the chambers of artisans and artisans that the artisans can attract.

Is it possible for pensioners to withdraw second loans?

If the loan criteria are moved, there is no distinction between an employee or retirement in order for one of the loan types to be obtained. Here, retirees have the possibility to withdraw multiple loans. If he pays off his existing debts on time as a pensioner, you will not have a problem if there is no disruption to payments. But here it should be noted that the lien cannot be applied to the salary of retirees. So banks can avoid giving second loans to pensioners. But if you do not experience a failure to pay long-term bank debts and do not live, you will not be prevented from receiving more than one loan.

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