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Conditions For Loan Issuance
How to get out of a loan ; how to withdraw a loan, the terms of withdrawal of a loan, what is necessary when taking out a loan, let's tell them as much as we can. Almost every bank makes ads for the use of personal loans through mass communication devices such as the internet, television, radio and mobile phone. Although the marketing language in ads points to the simplicity of using credit, in practice it is not so easy.

Conditions For Loan Issuance

There are some criteria that banks want from their customers as a requirement for using loans. Avenged:

You must be over the age of 18,
Credit card and credit status with banks to be normal
If you are going to give a mortgage, the spouse's consent is given to the bank in writing
Need or claim an average of 60 months on car loans
Do not add your family income to the loan, other than a mortgage loan
Loan Application Process And Required Conditions
No one who does not have a regular and documented income is considered eligible for a loan by the bank. For this reason, applying to the bank with an income certificate will be the right option. The first loan use requirement that banks usually seek on their customers is usually revenue.

It's not enough just to have an income. In addition, the fact that its income is at a level that can pay loan installments is again an issue that will be examined in the process.

A person who is sure of these two items should also be sure that their credit rating is good. As is known, people are given a credit score by the credit Registration Bureau (KKB), which tracks people's payment relationships with banks. This score drops or exits depending on people's relationships with banks. Banks always take credit score into account when applying for a loan.

A person with a good credit score meets another credit use requirement criterion. A person who meets these 3 basic conditions is also usually approved by the bank.

But it should be noted that whether the loan is approved or not is entirely up to the bank to decide.

Applications for credit with an ID card and income certificate, it can be done directly to the branches of banks, as well as through mobile or internet branches or telephone banking.

From the point of view of a healthier relationship, it is healthier to make an application directly to the bank branch.

Credit Rating Upgrade

Those who find out that their KKB score is low during the loan application are limited to what they can do on a short-term basis. First, it should be investigated why the credit rating is low.

If it is low because there is no positive or negative relationship with banks, this is an issue that can be resolved in a few months. But if the debt relationship with the banks has created problems before it reaches execution, then it will take a long time for the credit rating to rise again.

In any case, if there is a credit product available, it must be paid regularly. In addition, if there is a credit product available, it is important that the monthly installment amount does not exceed half of the person's monthly income.

If all this data is paid attention, the credit rating will start to rise. In this way, the most important credit usage requirement is fulfilled.

What To Consider When Applying For A Loan
It should be known that banks do not usually cause serious problems at the stage of using the loan to their customers who meet the minimum requirements. For this reason, it is necessary to examine whether there are minimum conditions in order not to experience stress.

It then matters why the loan will be withdrawn. For example, alternative loans of banks should be investigated if they are to be withdrawn for need. Interest amounts, number of installment maturities, configuration, etc. such processes must be finalized.

The total amount to be withdrawn for the loan should be determined according to monthly income. This means that the loan installment is at most half of the monthly income. Another kind of borrowing causes problems with payments.

If these considerations are taken into consideration, the loan application process continues positively. It should be noted that credit usage and payment processes require serious attention with intense stress control. If the loan is not paid back or delayed, it may have legal sanctions.

Although all conditions are met, the loan may not be approved
Even if all the criteria specified as the loan usage requirement are met, the bank may not approve the use of the loan. Since this situation is completely on the initiative of the bank, it is necessary to be prepared for anything.

If a loan is not approved by a bank, it is necessary to contact the customer representative to find out the reason why the loan is not approved. If it is not a position related to the bank's criteria, that is, for a general reason, then an application can be made to an alternative bank.

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