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What To Do To Avoid Being A Credit Victim
In order not to be a victim of credit, the steps taken in the name of “Internet Banking” and “E-security” in the banking sector, which renew itself day by day and even sit on solid foundations, make the work of customers more easier, while at the same time making these customers more dependent on banks. While the bank is the first place to go in every financial transaction you can think of, customers are never sent empty-handed thanks to the campaigns and opportunities made by the banks that come before us with a large range of products from individual retirement. Guarantees, signed papers, contracts are all forgotten. Unfortunately, as in the decision to increase the KKDF rate, only after the work has passed is a number of situations become aware.

How Can You Avoid Credit Victimization?

In the case of a credit victim, the Consumer Rights Act states: ”the loan clauses stipulated in the contract concluded between the parties may never be changed against the consumer during the time of the contract."the phrase in the credit contract coincides with the phrase “the consumer is considered to have chosen and accepted each change made in the contract articles”, and as a result of the increase in KKDF, the customer's hands and hands remain connected.

In these cases, where their banks do not have any interests (KKDF is a type of tax taken by our country on the amount of interest received.) the customer becomes the biggest victim of this contract.

So, isn't there a platform where we can solve our problems with these banks, where we entrust everything we can think of and take care of every business we can think of, that is, looking for the rights of customers in front of the bank?

England banks Association Arbitration Committee for customer complaints, articles established with the consumer and the bank as an institution trying to ensure the peace between the task we need personally took on.

How To Apply To The Arbitration Committee?

In the case of a credit victim, you must have applied to your relevant bank on this issue before submitting your application to the said Arbitration Committee. After the relevant bank approves your application, it must return to you within a full month. As for the response from the bank, an application must be made to the secretariat of the “Arbitration Committee” on that date or within a month. The secretariat has the right to cancel one application made without sending it to the “Arbitral Tribunal”. (Applications cancelled by the secretariat are written in the communique.)

If your application is accepted, the secretariat will send the necessary documents to the “Arbitral Tribunal”within fifteen days at most. The Arbitral Tribunal must announce its decision within thirty days.

Customer's Complaints Are Being Evaluated

The Arbitration Committee, which we just mentioned, acts as a group of people who are looking for points of reconciliation between the consumer and the bank, although its decisions are not binding. In the banking sector, which is growing day by day, consumers are evaluating their complaints and trying to find a solution without going to trial. In this case, losing both time and money is prevented. The credit market, which is constantly growing itself, continues its path where it left off, improving itself thanks to consumer returns.

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